Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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boots pucker and slide. "Installation of elastic"

This morning at the workshop boots that slip and pucker, fall on the ankle in a disgraceful manner when the owner does not want it, while others want.
This is not about shoes too large., Shrink them is useless. Must do so by the changes described below, a deduction in circumference high boots, which is wonderful for over the calf boots, waders may give more trouble finding the right solution. I mentioned the problem in this post, giving a trick, the trick of lacquer.

Today something more serious and more academic, placement of elastic. we reproduce just what the manufacturers offer some of their models, with variants :
clamps / buckles, straps, Velcro , flanges, pressure / flange spring / clamp, elastic loop or strap, clip fireman, flange, etc. ... In outside mount on the back or side.
In laying domestic or options:
The lacing, straps, tape, etc. ... alternate passage in the middle of the stem and inside the lining and the exterior visible on the stem.

short in many ways not to shrink, but the boots to prevent slipping, falling. Important problem for recurrent summer shoes, clamps down on the back foot, often linked its morphology.
A subject is actually " Brides, installation of" elastic "Release early season hot.
These concerns arise most often on boots, the waders, not doubled, the flexible sheath, a leather merchant, suede, suede, nubuck, strecth, etc ...

The upper few inches on these boots is often doubled. Two solutions
1) portion of elastic between the two layers, and taking sewing, lining elastic stem stitching visible on the outside.
2) detachment of the lining, the passage of elastic with stitching on the lining only all be glued to the rod. The second solution that we preferred more (difficult) but preserves the original aesthetics of the boots.
If shoes are not lined, the elastic is glued and sewn, the flesh side of the upper, seam visible from the outside.

A view from the top doubled.

is chosen in the stock, the elastic is most appropriate for the job.

The elastic.

We define the width of the exposure.

money is drawn in pen mark for cutting.

is positioned to Using pliers to define the length of the elastic.

The length of the elastic define with precision, the second is drawn to the same size.

is off the lining, to give access to cutting, pasting and positioning of the elastic, and her sewing on the lining only.

is cut with a cutter, knife blade, cutting tina, etc. ... the exact width.

The four openings are made.

You slip one side of the elastic.

is the glue on the liner, one passes the other end to the mark, and it sticks.

During the drying time, avoids the installation of clips of the elastic traction and detachment.

Both boots are prepared for sewing.

Crossing sewing machine, sewing on the lining only.

seams are hammered with kindness.

The liner is bonded to be positioned on the shaft without drying time.

A view of the completed work.

only remains that supply a pose effective, client satisfaction, our primary concern.

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