Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Infant Has Blisters On Butt

Taxi to Tobruk

Libya flanks migraine Nicolas Sarkozy, like all the rest of the Maghreb. Everyone remembers - how to forget - the visit of Muammar France in December 2007. Received with pomp, Nicolas Sarkozy justified the host referred to "economic interests of the France "through lucrative contracts resulting in a ten billion euros. After riboulants orbits, the French came back in reality, a bad taste in the mouth: these contracts were never signed. The pipe. As for the Rafale Brazilian. Is it foolish to forget the affront that the website of the Elysée deleted photographs of the official visit of the Leader of the Revolution? Is it for revenge he is seeking to European Union sanctions "fast" against Libya? ...

Far from the mediocrity of our president pocket, the Libyan people won the street is free from oppression and a blouse frenzied dance. Who would have thought a month ago in euphoria Egyptian, after that of Tunisia, as Libya, it was thought impregnable bastion, would experience the same fate?

After the resignation of many diplomats condemning the bloody repression which made object the Libyan people, it's the turn of Abdelfattah Laabidi Younis, Minister of the Interior, to make the apron to rally the people's revolution, urging the armed forces the country to join the people's cause. To not settle the affairs of local Strangelove, the Council of the Arab League, met in emergency, suspends "the participation of delegations from Libya to the meetings of the Arab League and all organizations dependent on that body until the Libyan authorities to accept the claims and ensure their safety." In the process, the Council, meeting in Cairo, decided to recommend to the 22 member countries at the meeting to be held on March 3, to suspend Libya "as a member" of the widget. It is the least!

Meanwhile, at Tobruk in the east, neighboring city of Egypt, since a good week, people rise to the strains of free radio. It a word that spreads uninhibited waves Tobruk released the first independent radio station in the country. A radio denouncing the abuses of power of patients and celebrates a state of freedom in a province hard hit by the crackdown. According to the testimony of a French doctor back in France there would have been over 2000 deaths in the city of Benghazi.

The representative of Libya from the Arab League, Abdel Moneim al-Honi, also resigned, Gaddafi is "worse than Saddam Hussein" and even if the fall of the regime is no longer simply a matter of few days He fears that not expensive, very expensive, Libya and the Libyans, "because this man is capable of anything! The latest news, Benghazi and Tobruk would be in the hands of insurgents and the dictator holed up in his palace. He allegedly ordered the destruction of oil wells ...

This man, this bloody fool, which is the same on behalf of business, was received like royalty by the capricious Sarkozy's France in 2007!


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