Monday, February 21, 2011

When You Hurt A Scorpio Man Feelings

Agricultural Show: say, Mom, what we eat tomorrow?

Since 2008 the FAO (UN Agency for Food and Agriculture) recommends consumption insect rather than meat, for reasons both economic and ecological. But in France, as in Europe, countries of the overeating and fat food, the message does not really happening and initiatives in this area remain marginal.

According to the Dutch entomologist Arnold van Huis , leading expert on the subject, the constant increase in world population combined with the decrease of arable land - particularly related to global warming - is not compatible the long term, with the widespread consumption of meat. The rearing of insects that require far fewer resources, however, food is a credible alternative. Producing a kilo of insects does not require, at most, only two kilos of vegetables. For 1 kilo of meat requires 10 pounds of plants (wheat, barley, soybeans, more fodder).

We eat, we doubt not, at least 500 grams of insects each year, says Marcel Dicke , Head of Entomology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Indeed some of the fruits and vegetables used in industry are infected by worms, jams, soups, fruit juices, contain traces of insects is without any problems. As for taste, it is similar to that of the hazel (for me, having had several opportunities to be in the middle of an invasion of locusts in Africa and have grilled a lot, I can assure you that THIS REALLY THE nutty, perhaps with a cloud of salt and more anyway). There remains the psychological barrier ... which do not need legislation, we prefer devastate territory rather than adaptation.

In 2010, FAO had yet nearly 100 countries in the world where this practice is common. Locust larvae various bugs, ants: more than 1,400 edible species are consumed daily in Africa, Asia or Central America by nearly 2.5 billion people. Why not then giant ants? Because very compatible with industrial farming in quantity in our climate?

In France, an embryo of Commerce has created, however, require a steady supply in Asia and a packaging suitable bases sauces (bacon, sour, etc. ...), it's far from "scorpion sauce Koh lanta "! In the Netherlands, one of the few European countries where there are herds of edible insects (mainly grasshoppers and crickets), Bugs organic food markets in protein bars and meal worms or chicken nuggets and worms. But the market remains confidential. This is probably the disappearance of the image of the insect that will enable these products to a new kind of spread in supermarkets.

insects exist on earth for millions of years, he will wait until our generation have completely destroyed the possibilities of nurturing the land by dint of forced cultivation of genetically modified seeds to change the way we think future? We

during Salon de l'Agriculture ... but also in pre-election period and we hear the president-who-does-not-said-he-was candidate vituperate loudly and posturing against an association of nature conservation and Posters showing the TRUTH, an aberration, a young calf in the middle of a sea-green algae killer ... WHO has legislated, which authorized the extension of anarchic and oversized pig and poultry in Britain? Of course, the member is an active member of his party, but the pig manure did not vote him, he poisons it nourishes algae killer . To reassure his electorate farm, rather than look their livelihoods, they are allowed to use pesticides harmful to the health of all and spread of phosphates that poison the land and sea WHO?



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