Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quotes For Sick Family Member

The industrious Mr. Besson

Eric Besson, a native of Marrakech, the finger 2009 and notorious felon, went to immigration for Industry in the Fillon 3, in which department he looks bored to severe, the fellow not feeling happy in the mire.

After we have announced price increases for electricity in the coming years (6% between August 2010 and January 2011, the desired goal of 20%) as a fact "inevitable" , justifying the thing by funding "investment required to extend the lifetime of nuclear power plants" and the development of renewable energy, much more expensive than nuclear, that is being noticed a sheer side of Lampedusa, in the Pelagian archipelago, between Malta and Tunisia.

The electric meter running at full power, here it is supplying a new energy to the debate on his favorite topic, immigration. The influx of Tunisia on the Italian coast, was for him an opportunity to highlight, even walk on the flat-band of his alter ego, the very Auvergne Hortefeux. A war between Auvergne perspective?

"There can be no tolerance for illegal immigration" said NERICA-the-felon, for whom this form of modern Tourism is intolerable, before adding in the direction of former supporters of Ben Ali, for whom it warmed a bit on the side of Carthage "some may have the right to asylum" , before concluding, without laughing : "This is not a collective decision, asylum. It's always you look at case by case situation " ... Of humor heated to the high voltage wire in the direction of the FN electorate!

At the rate reaches the flow migration (5000 fellows in one week) the "case by case" will flank a migraine stinker to the Italian authorities and ... the European authorities, whose assistance consists of sending police equipment to prevent fugitives to sea! The food will come after. If the case by case gives the same thing with Baby Doc Duvalier, whose few days stay "pending" lasted 25 years, thousands of Tunisians have come to see what, except that their bank account does not present the same credit line.

The question is: who or Hortefeux Besson, does what? There is the electricity in the air!

I almost tell you about Florence Break ...


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