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Wrestlersgay And Lesbians

Memento: There are seventeen years we were Radical

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, friable mural on people uprooted in the aftermath little singing War II, whose writing had said enough Arno Schmidt Perhaps an heir, at least one son turbulent, and not just because punctuation seemed to lead another dance, not only because the views were moving like tectonic plates. Thanks to Pascal Arnaud, who heads editions Quidam, we can now advance a step further jirglienne earth, and take the measure of this unique landscape, the translator, Martine Rémon reinvents itself with an amazing talent. Born in 53, Jirgl was electrical engineer and also worked as a lighting technician. It was not until the Fall for his manuscripts, long supported by Henrich Müller against state censorship, find their way into readers. Since then, awards have continued to pour in, including this year's prestigious Büchner. Noticed France by the great translator of Arno Schmidt, Claude Riehl, now deceased, Jirgl is the author of fifteen books, and novels published today Quidam was published in 2005 (the original title is
Abtrünning Roman aus der Zeit nervösen

"Decades - accumulated in years - sanvêtement sanpouvoir, the naked body of birth, then imprisoned like a beast to be molded into forms sheaths arrogance-of-survival imposed gloved skafandrisée, stock, heated, monitored remotely by Cable electrodes cannulae tips & Tubes, Injections focused & determined for the tables to the back = to-trot, excite-Calf niou greed fear to anger to boil the brains crammed full power of dreams, lit by the LORD Stroboskope the Pleasure Dome, relentlessly, without reserve, wandering, accumulated countless numbers Niue TY-CALF-snapshot [...] "

Writing-jirlg, we see, we understood, it is like the time he stages: nervous. Time, bastard child who fled history but for him, on him, all the stigma of exclusion, fear and ugliness. Write the individual, his bag of stories, his desires nodes, the route he takes, he tramples the ruins, but also the life of thoughts, affects, what is established, debunked, betrayed, fearful . Least one write simultaneously (Joyce) or quartering (Schmidt) a puff diction, ébrouée able space surveyed by Döblin an eternal release of a post-Biberkopf, a nerve disease disseminated streets, objects, gestures, and also the ricochet of the roller-hope the dark webs, counted and then lost the eye, hearing, consciousness. Jirgl knows constantly break and start his book, alternating scenes of intense intimacy, cynical vaudeville, sliding confession, Bacchanalia urban languor & shine. With a language that eschews no agglutination, a language tape, and tabulates scoring, the author of Renegade

succeeds in force, to disgorge to the circumstances, the autopsies without the freeze, always attentive to the music details, even if the system is doomed to a fate cacophonous. Berlin as an ulcer more or less disguised, and the memory of men lined silver and shame. A sense of animism was followed by a dynamic cadaver. A molecular vision, which plots auscultates body, tumors of thought, yet never morbid, the analysis being carried to a degree boiling both joyous and cruel. Jirgl The great affair is

expulsion, in all its forms, whether geographical, historical, mental or physical. He gives it to see, feel, hear. Intruder to itself, the individual's post-camp, post-Wall, evolves now in a world divided between lies and cynicism - "the pride of = se = now shining in his honest-to-fat bologna as greaves. Heads small, rich Poussah, sour and poor quarterback mundane: all catapulted, engineered, permitted to squeeze and bite. Comes with unsuited burned by the aspirations, being-jirglien survives in an eternal self-sabotage and other "freedom of the epicenter is in the eye of terror" (p.123).

modulated Incredibly, even in its crevices panopticon, mixing lyricism with emaciated orality crushed, grafting to the same narrative blocks collected in other parts of the book, to inoculate findings violent political, philosophical, historical, sparing nothing and nobody, no details, wrinkled, folded, no shade , torsion, Affre - and precisely because exhaustive generous hard,

Renegade, a novel nervous

time offers a reading experience anything but stuffy, the price of a burst and a constant swirl. Radical, radiant, furious: then yes = renegade. _______________________________

Reinhard Jirgl, Renegade, a novel time

nervous, translated from German by Martin Rémon Quidam publisher collection 'Made in Europe', 25 €

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