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raises his arms as a priest escaped Devils Ken Russell, palms facing the stormy sky, it inspires, closing his eyes, his back seems to throw his head forward like a merry ball, his legs folded up and down once, twice, thrice her hair barely graze the floor, his feet are invisible aplomb, it's gone, he argues, with his heels in a vacuum, the ten fingers apart worse than on the keyboard - as a result, the impression of be yourself upside down, it's normal, it is used to it, Jauffret, return to us, heels over head, dizziness and pass us reason to doubt where his colleagues meticulously persist around us. If he falls, we fall. If it flies, pfuit
, it will follow, even in the darkest night. And it's been more than ten novels as it lasts, this incredible tightrope walking, the art of treating grammar as a body and the body as a grammar. For with Jauffret, feelings are primarily conjugations, the characters sharp bursts of rhetoric. Take one of his earlier novels, Universe: A woman prepares a leg for a husband who is slow to return, though the leg is not made of meat, but a worrying matter that called "conditional" means anything would happen if ...

Twice universe, once two worlds: the first singular, second plural, or the opposite, regardless of the possible realities are parallels that are rubbing to achieve a great power, radiant, irascible. In Childhood is a childhood dream , Jauffret was sending children into the orbit of a dilapidated de Gaulle straight out of a nightmare of ORTF, a general pattern-compound black and white particles that sought the inevitable fission. In Clemence Picot, the life of a woman saw herself apart every sentence "in an indescribable collision of abortions," to borrow a phrase from Artaud. With madhouse , Jauffret again made his characters walk on their hands, but this time the ground is strewn with broken glass. The story is that of an implosion, one day, leaving Damien Gisele, but Francis said Father Damien who is responsible for the bad news. The approach is tricky, but Francis is clever: before holding the fatal blow, it will change tap leaking Gisele. I'll fix your plumbing, and you forget our son away from the fiction ... But rehabilitating walking the damn faucet leaking, punctuating the night of the couple's unbearable Morse, an apprentice plumber opened wide the gates of madness, not only that of Gisele, but that of the novel: "He dared to use it, first with infinite care, then a moron with a frenzy that leaves play taps for fear that it electrocuted by attacking outlets. He never tired of raising and lowering the lever, and turn to get the water hot, warm, then cold water again he stroked the water jet as a penis. "Nothing will be as before. War is declared. Parents want Gisele left alone Damien, she did not harass her despair sticky. Gisele, she wants to fuck her step-father at the door. But it is a physical law established, the family, like the famous tape that sticks to the finger, clings to share of rejection that he manifests. The voices became insistent, haunting, speeches stick together like flies obscene, bodies leak, faucet leaks, you must fly, you must fly, but how? Jauffret, he knows how: by crushing the pulp of the language, displaying the colors on the cruel oilcloth compulsive hysteria. Enough said, spitting, everything and the opposite of everything, the truth is more that counts the bite of the words, that whoever does the most harm, which will destroy the more violence this shabby reality himself a sink, and saw his stained enamel polish stuck with a mirror liar. Anything goes, motherhood greedy, flaccidity father, the prodigal son in cowardice, "the amniotic sludge, circus incestuous relatives, the cry of desire rabbit caught in the headlights of the staggering daily, the alcohol "was invented to support the mothers." Madness spreads like ivy mad, objects are no exception, after the valve is the turn of the fridge of pacing in the hallway, then it takes the ground that the tangent before With push ... madhouse , Régis Jauffret leaves far behind the inevitable small grocers in the literature that in September we emerge from their products last year facelift pay.

With, Bonus, a glimmer of hope: "We were sure that the sun would rise one day, as the dazzling flash of a paparazzo on the ejaculate of a celebrity. "

____________ Régis Jauffret,

, Gallimard, 214 pages, 16,50 €


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