Monday, February 28, 2011

Is It Worth It To Become A Dentist

Sarkozy, this cartoon!

El Mínimo, the hawker waves, spoke in the post. For the first time since coming to power, its intervention, no longer a cartoon - 5 short minutes - was to conceal the big Marradi a policy that the world does not envy.

Combining François Fillon , the Prime Minister, who travel in airplanes gratos State for weekends in the Sarthe for the modest sum of 27 000 € at taxpayer expense, Minimus is all I spent the modest collective whole to explain the change of labels in its sales policy. Products such as MAM and blue d'Auvergne, known for their performance, leaving the shelves to make way for others more suited to the needs of energy transfer.

In this regard, the consumer has gone from a tainted product to a product about to be. An ex-convicts, Alain Juppe , Foreign Affairs. A former West, former indicted in the case of secret funding of the Republican Party, receiving a dismissal by the amnesty law of 1990, took the defense. Finally, the pearl of the Elysee, the shadow of his shadow, Claude Gueant for dirty tricks and banana peel slipped, inherited the ministry of his heart, the Interior. A department that was drooling from the long time senior official of the opaque has asserted his right to retire as senior class prefect from January 18, 2010. Technical Advisor at Christian Bonnet for four years and Deputy Senior Prefect, he held various positions in the same register before landing in the Hauts-de-Seine, where he crossed paths pastis-man Charles Pasqua and Minimus. Charly, a connoisseur of the human soul, is the glue to the Basques and named deputy director of staff and indeed in the process, in 1994, the Director General of Police. It seniority Claude Gueant won his stripes. So much for

internally. Everything in continuity. Driving zero points. Another puck in the notebook.

While coward with a maximum revolutions Arab cause of invalidity, the cellar of the Elysee, no longer control the machine, trying to straighten the bend with the skill of a whack. Having done everything possible to help Ben Ali and Mubarak, with the proliferation of blunders as we know, thinking it was only fleeting skirmishes, here it is obliged to recognize that not only was he severely misled but these people that did not take seriously, there is barely two months opposed "democracy and freedom to all forms of dictatorship", by his own admission.

If you find more visionary, let me know!


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