Friday, February 18, 2011

Cruising Spots Birmingham Alabama

Spring Street for all!

At first my idea was to talk about the conviction of shabby Eric Zemmour by the Paris court for provocation and incitement to racial hatred, racial profiling in etc.. With this guy, racism is commonplace. Do not give more importance to the character he has, but nevertheless keep a close eye on his ilk, more and more numerous, more dangerous to the idea that you can do of democracy ... The problem with this kind of hate is that it takes advantage of democracy to destroy it better.

In full Mexican bullfighting, our hexagon is sinking into withdrawal and is consumed by dint of boredom when so many values are at stake Let history make sense of things and People have short memories hanging out with their bad instincts ... any "innocence"!

Except for the presence of DSK in Paris, in the "official" G20, it does not change much about the case. The bigwigs of finance are here to talk about market regulation, global governance and reform of the international monetary system. A bit like when grandma speaks with knit neighbors. Strictly speaking, this will inflame the left in the debate on the nomination or not - talk about a scoop! - Director of the IMF's 2012 presidential election. The most perfidious would not hesitate to compare it to Sarko and ship the bench in Romanian, which in the context of the discipline, he is looking for lice in the head, to make them work 60 hours Weekly reducing wages by 25% with the elimination of 100,000 positions in the civil service, among other pleasures. With such a plan, remember that there is no need to go look for "bargains" in Korea! The Korea is in Romania or Latvia to be found. To see details of the work to which this man getting down left, this disciple of Jules Vall├Ęs and children of the Commune, read or reread the always excellent and very current paper LaetSgo here. Not only that puts the record straight, but with that, we need to time shift, night is assured for everyone, with one difference, the brand of lubricant.

If some "activists" still persist in believing that this man is the worthy heir of Jean Jaures, tell them that they did not understand the screening.

Another thing I wanted to speak, by far the largest, the "Arab spring". It is early and I'm happy. It bard in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and it still moves in Algeria. In Muammar Gaddafi, the aptly named, for whom the Elysee had place mat, speaking at the time of writing, 24 dead and dozens wounded ... Moreover, without giving in high school statistics, one can easily imagine the stock .

Many dead already, and still more in coming days but a breath of freedom emerges in the minds and the price is always the same.

Stay tuned ... Obviously!


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