Friday, February 18, 2011

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Emma in all its vices

A report, published by the release

Attila the novel by Ramon Sender, "The story that resurrects a dead, and the slow decline of its imaginary murderers. A hunting party in the mountains can find Sabino, a man who has mysteriously disappeared from the village 15 years ago, and murder where everyone believed. Against the backdrop of social tension and political exploitation of any news story, two poor farmers were even at the time, condemned for murder (assumed).
The resurrection of the "ghost" throws the whole village - the woman's death, which has obviously remarried, to prisoners' families, the most notable to the poor - in a disorder and malaise nameless, while the new hero, once the villagers' poorest and most insignificant ", acquires a strange prestige. This novel is inspired by a true story: a true story that Sender had himself covered at the time, the daily El Sol. The novel is followed by newspaper articles in question, unreleased, and reveal a journalist Sender unknown in French. "


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