Saturday, February 19, 2011

Swiss Gear Replacement Tent Poles


Martine is my companion for twenty-six. This means if we bailed into the boat of life. She, her thing, his passion, his obsession is the image, not too much writing, she said. She finally decided to tease the keyboard to provide an overview of ruminants which will, hopefully, a regular column in which she expresses pleasure or anger at the spectacle of the art in life and his commitment Personnel ... Happy reading.

I so wish we had a tribe, then millions and millions crying in the street ...

"In the street music" , as our poet Leo Ferré claimed. We would have shouted "In the street art! "; 'street imagination! "; in Street hydroelectric true spirit. In the street the democratization of art, as there are artists around which revolve the courses that have developed, over the mixed laborious.

Down with the oligarchy!

All children, whether they be guests, draw, sing and they "play" with the imaginary ... These are our first and spontaneous learning tools necessary for our survival.

I dream in my humble hope that the disabled individual that we are no longer penned in enclosures hierarchical, predefined. Content in their frustrations that small malignant seek to maintain better control.

I dream of children who are not in schools, barracks. Let them learn the basic techniques, but with art. Develop what they do naturally. There is not, say the Neurosciences, attention, intention, choice of memory without emotion. They are the foundation on which we build. The experience must be fully rewarding that the man is moving towards the full exploitation of his brain and not a bid to flourish, the lure of money and competition. Open in different cultural knowledge. Because they remain the marker of plurality in the world in which man survives.

Emotion takes us by the nose. However we do not learn in school, the child is only learning emotions. The mother-child bond, fear, joy, sadness, friendship, brotherhood, the thrill of discovery, the thirst for knowledge, love, wonder at the music, an art, or any other emotion transmitted. I know of nothing more fulfilling than creating. Subjective sensations are the foundation on which we build.

"We are of the fabric on which the dreams and our dreams are born long before we know what this stuff is made ", said Shakespeare. Children are the reservoir of our future society. They are packaged for life to behave a certain way for the rest of their lives. We've all been there and we do not call. Proof, we dutifully scion branch we are sitting: the earth. There is an error. We are the only ones in the vegetable and animal behavior have the suicidal and destructive.

We learned the art of the pyramids by heart as they are based on the submission of the people who built them. A + B = C or nothing. Or maybe God, if you will, it must be put somewhere that we can not prove.

Thanks to materialism, which sought for a good cause to kill God, it was at the same time killed the emotion. Unless it is expressed more you "in" .

"The emotion, the feelings were at the origin and heart of what made us human" said Darwin.

mutants we becoming? ...

M art ' IN


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