Friday, February 25, 2011

Drawing Of Basketball Playground

diplomacy in trunks

We can not count the collateral damage caused by the present quinquennium. The social model has exploded under the onslaught of the Sarkozia uninhibited. The National Education, justice, health, land and all public services suffer a massive purge and serious malfunctions are increasing in abundance. Far from a lucid mea culpa, the tenant of the Elysee pathetic threat to everyone penalty as if it was a solution to its own serious mistakes ...

In rags internally, the French state, the image of his ridiculous ambassador Boris Boillon, showing off now slip outside. Diplomacy franchouillard happening now below the belt and the least we can say is that it is not pretty pretty to contemplate. After the ranting of MAM and his happy family of end-to-train in Tunisia, common sense would have wished that the hexagon displays low profile soft country Yasmine Besson.

Nay, barely landed in Tunis, BB, sarko-muscled cowboy defector from Iraq, rolls and mechanical insult the Tunisian people. Immediate consequence, it takes the fly and calling for the resignation of illico Rambo pocket. In two large cast, MAM and his henchman come to undermine decades of diplomacy in this little corner of the world. The turkey twisted smile is now prohibited from living in many countries!

What about Mexico? React in emotion, speak without thinking, marinate (well, well) in populism are three characteristics of satrap. Again, in Case Break, he was the worst ways. Where diplomacy had been silent and secret might succeed in freeing the young woman, the son of Pal was kicking and screaming about the worst way, presumably to attempt to glean a few votes in the 2012 presidential obsession. Review of the case, Mexico, the largest country in Iberian language, is annoyed as a louse and poor Florence, whether guilty or not, probably never be released from jails Chicanos.

What about the UPM the Pharaonic project of diplomatic dwarf, an idea that had slipped into the ear, the visionary Guaino? At the time, stirred the castle we had almost sold the business as the purpose of this century. All Mediterranean countries would join hands to clean up the sea namesake. In the process, a solar plan would be put in place and a marine highway would emerge in the region. Subjects are less consensual genre Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the nature of political regimes, had been dismissed at the outset of negotiations, we must not mess either ...

In July 2008, a forty heads of state were received with great fanfare in Panama by our supreme guide to formalize this relationship. The Court of Auditors was later denounced the heavy financial excesses of this princely reception. More than 5000 euros a head pipe for a dinner between rulers and a shower nearly 250 000 euros, our Mr. Clean will use national final ever. The salary of sweat somehow ...

Two and a half years later, what remains of it ' UPM? Not much actually. The operation hard lead, led by Israel in the Gaza Strip has nicely cooled goodwill. The icing on the senile, two spearheads the project, which was based on our lider minimo, were landed by their people. They called Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and especially Hosni Mubarak, vice president of the union. The art of choosing his friends ... In this

record form of complete fiasco, we would forget Muammar Gaddafi cause this bloody tyrant who clings desperately to power again in a genocidal frenzy. In late 2007, the Napoleon of 92 had received with all the honors due his rank. The despot had even been allowed to pitch his Bedouin tent in the heart of Park Hotel Marigny. As usual, Sarkozy had flattened to the "f rere guide of the revolution" in order to flog some unsaleable Rafale at the same time as civilian nuclear energy.

As usual, the former wunderkind of Neuilly had lied parading in the potential profits of the house Dassault. He repeated his nonsense later face Brazil Lula. Bottom line, the airplane remained in the hangars blandly. The prétentiard just did not understand that a president was not intended to make the VRP and the sale of arms was a full-time job, not a media posture.

And while diplomats forty self-named group Marly publishes a firebrand who castigated the French foreign policy, the husband of Carla currently trying to pick up the pieces with Turkey, another country in great anger against us. The reception is cold because the Ottoman Turks feel humiliated that France remains the main obstacle to European integration. Alliot-Marie is a private trip and sent to Kuwait make up the numbers. His days at the Quai d'Orsay seems he counted.

The blonde with glasses vehemently denies the new wax and pumps diplomacy Sarkozia to stay a tad up. True that one can only welcome it with tact and finesse management unfortunate hostages killed in Niger. Still, this does licking coucougnettes should be enough to save the old skin. Under the right circles, it should really have trouble finishing the week . In Ankara, in response to the question on the docket of a thing, Sarkozy boldly kicked into touch instead of defending tooth and nail his Minister adrift. Not a good sign, that to the lady in pantsuit! Its plush chair at the Quai d'Orsay now looks like an ejection seat . It should fall together BB Ambassador clone buffoon, who had recently boasted that Gaddafi was regarded as his son. Hungarian dream again!

As sung by the late Bashung, is how it brakes? I'd go down there!


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