Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 Month Old Has Watery Stool

Ugly, dirty and nasty!

With Sarkozy, the diplomacy is like justice, it does not. What's the point, these officials to the obscure, if not palaver? While crates full of tear gas and some solfate ... Same for the judges, Always wanting to separate the wheat from the chaff, to nitpick mitigating circumstances, the social excuse, while a good prosecutor, gender Courroye , the sign of Capricorn, locked tight, it has a different look. Judges, police officers he wants Sarko!

After the fall of dictator Ben Ali, the Tunisian people engaged in the pleasures of the newly acquired freedom and without being materially richer, discovers the joys of film and popular speech emancipated.

While everything pointed to Jean Dujardin for the further adventures of OSS 117, after the success of " Cairo, Nest of Spies ", here he is grooming the star of the Tunisian by following an illustrious and powerful unknown Boris Boillon de sarkoboy, in the role of Hubert de La Bonisseur Bath aka Keke d'Orsay!

While energy, this newcomer to the 7th art, has been formed, not the school of Louis Jouvet nor, either, and the subtle art of diction so special in a Fabrice Luchini , but in Legionnaires teaches where, for hours, he had to repeat, in the depths of the forest of Guyana: "This is a can of beer! ". Struck by the simplicity and effectiveness of the remark, Boris was marked and never misses an opportunity to thank his instructor Sgt.

Forged shots of seals, his career trajectory has not known that he dreamed in the tropical moisture of the distant French territory. After leaving his net, armed with some basics instilled with great bursts of reds, he wandered into an institute for research institute of its sesame. He cultivated a self-taught first, then a specialist, the Arabic language, whereas it can still be used in any craft. As said its sergeant-instructor, "to better combat the crunch, you must know him well, my colon! " It made a point of honor to make him read " The Centurions "by Jean Larteguy , whose character of Lieutenant-Colonel Raspeguy was inspired by Colonel Marcel Bigeard model. The thunderbolt. Not particularly

music lover, very soon he developed a passion for film music. There he found some relief with a natural impulse. Lying on his paddock, he passed James Bond soundtracks. Of being at one with the famous spy of his majesty, permits dream in his pocket, he left his bench to perfect muscles that had softened somewhat since his departure overseas. That shirtless or in tank top, a bandana tied over his head, a bit like a Rocky, he roamed the streets of the capital, climbed the steps of Sacred Heart, eliminating the toxin stride .

It was by chance that Boris was spotted by a producer on the side of Fouquet's, but by the back door he entered the family of jesters. Small role in "Mission in Muscat " , his acting is expanding in "Nurses Bulgarian ", a comedy with dramatic framework for the Libyan jails and in which he gave to the guide you bloody Arab revolution. He then gave the reply to his mentor, Nicolas S., big producer who thought he was an actor in "Is there a diplomat in the plane?" parody sulked that the public not without reason. Under the protective wing of his new master, he has played second fiddle in compositions junior and flat before the coming of the early successes in "The Thief of Baghdad" two years of filming. Big production.

Spotted by the media, flattered, he declared, during the theatrical release of this remake of the tales of Thousand and One Nights: "sorry for the French pride, but not everyone has loved our position in 2003" at About the non-commitment of French films in the blockbuster Iraqi regarded by film buffs as the Z series, as Americans have become used to pollute the planet.

Thanks to his gift of this Arabic-speaking man, born of parents "red feet " - nickname given to the leftists came to help Algeria after its independence - Will be recruited to play a carpet dealer in Medina in a production Maghreb: "Ben Ali Baba in the land of shifting sands" .

While the conditions seemed right for boosting your career and revive the French movies on the side of Carthage, behold him who boasts of his friendship with Gaddafi - he calls "my son" of its own confession - in defiance of basic rules to its own function and image of France in a foreign land, insult the citizens of the host country and then come before the cameras to make a public apology. Shabby decide opinion. Apology, frankly, had the potential to aggravate the already great anger of a people renowned for their hospitality, but that does not forgive the contempt shown by the representative of French cinema for it.

Looking like a hungry wolf to attract the media spotlight, just like his mentor, served here. But not in the way he wanted. Tunisia after his stupidity comes the story of the photo. Is that the character likes to cultivate its plastic, as others cultivate their gardens. The one where we see the new Ambassador of France in Tunisia, swimsuit, like a stripling, posted on the site before Buddies and repeated in the media with the jubilation we imagine.

The release of this photograph did not rain on Boris Bonisseur of The Bath. Not at all. It threat of continue to justice those who will take over an image with a character "private" warns Jean-Marc Fedida, his lawyer.

soon for more of his adventures in "The resignation of a lame" already in the pipeline.


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