Monday, February 28, 2011

Blue Print On A Dune Buggy

Come dance the Zenga Zenga?

Ashton, head of European diplomacy, says before the Commission on Human Rights the UN that the EU will impose sanctions against Libya .. . "quickly" . This statement following many other , such as freezing assets of the clan or Gaddafi, as proposed by Germany, to block any payment to Libya for 60 days to "deprive the system of means oppress his people ", especially gentlemen bureaucrats, we do not hurry, for once ... the resistance would come to weaken, it would suit the big pile of disgusting who can no longer do business with any quietness with Muammar le folingue.

the fourteenth day of insurrection that led to the control of the east and oil wells, that many towns in the west have also fallen into the hands of insurgents, it moves towards the EU finally decided to engage with the Independent National Council representing the liberated cities and consider a "no Libyan airspace" to prevent the bombing of the population. Even if the West does not include any military intervention, that does not care. The United States, the big brother to everyone, sending forces near Libya. When in doubt ... is cautious, stern, it operates the gray cells. It is also a way to block the uncontrolled immigration that worries many Western policies. In what direction? ... For now the White House suggests a possible exile of Gaddafi. Which in diplomatic terms, means that Muammar is about to go and plant his yurt far too far from the Bedouin!

As often in dramatic situations, a laugh was enough to trigger general hilarity. At the height of the storm, the Guide of the Revolution, scratched in the mirage, still believing that it is enough to bark to be classified "vicious dog" three stars in the pif, continues to claim that Libya is "completely calm" - him he looks stoned - and that deaths are caused "terrorist band that definitely belong to Al-Qaeda" . Looks like Little Bush in the text, that one! It's been since 2001 that we used the Al-Qaeda at every meal, you still have not exaggerate, take my eyes ... So

the timing of an Israeli journalist, Noy Alooshe for create the event. Gaddafi is attired in light of "strange way" , raising his arms in the style of electronic dance facias, the idea came to him to make a video called Zenga Zenga , where we see a young girl swaying like a devil, while the jerky flow of Muammar le folingue sets the tempo. This thing was delirious laughter throughout the Arab youth. So much so that the Zenga Zenga became a sort of anti-anthem on which Gaddafi sways and explodes the Libyan youth.

Nevertheless, the opposition is preparing to march on Tripoli. Quick, get it over with once and for all.


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