Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free Gay Cruising Toilets

MAM goat Southern Hemisphere, took the door!

Arab Winter has made a collateral victim. After a long agony media, Michele Alliot-Marie just at the instant of being lourdée the Quai d'Orsay. She left the government through the back door and pays a high price for his pitiful Christmas holidays in Tunisia. That alligator forceps delivery that the exfiltration, until the last moment as she tried desperately to hold onto his post. In vain, the Elysée is thrown in the trash like an old sock. Yet she had chained without flinching regal four departments, making each show a discretion bordering on transparency.
Odorless and colorless
Place Vendome, she had too long allowed the Attorney Courroye close to Sarkozy, "take care" of the case-Woerth Bettencourt instead of facilitating the lawful appointment of an impartial judge and independent. Previously, Beauvau place, she had illustrated in Case Tarnac, sending to prison without evidence of alleged dangerous terrorists. As for his stay hotel de Brienne, there will not be remembered. Her feat of arms was to have learned to march in step the evening of his appointment to the Defense for the real charm, the tough, tattooed. In

Quai d'Orsay, his incompetence dirt burst into the open. After proposing the tyrant Ben Ali's services French expertise in law enforcement to quell the revolt of Jasmine, she tried to minimize the bad end of relationships that she and her family had with Aziz Miled, a man business close to the dictator. Travel by plane gratos undergoing a revolution, buying real estate in the oligarch of MMA by parents during this same period, call the satrap loucedé in Tunisia, I could go and not necessarily the best. After shamefully lied on all these points, that's caught by the patrol. Failing to have the brains, his political career has now lead in the wing.

POM his companion, incidentally Minister for Relations with Parliament, would continue in office without the knowledge of his own free will! Yet it was the Tunisian equipped and maintained in addition to a very special friendship with another despot, the bloodthirsty Muammar Gaddafi, facilitating inter alia approaches trade of France with the Libyan regime. Patrick Ollier justified its proximity with the guide of the revolution by stating shamelessly who would listen: " Gaddafi is no longer the same that there are twenty years and is hungry for respectability. It also reads Montesquieu . Hello coherence, we do not know whether to laugh or cry ...

The new strong man of governance, returning Alain Juppe replaces the lady in pantsuit. Yet he had spat, swore there is little he does devote to his good city of Bordeaux. Ambition when you hold us! Gerard Longuet, the former founder of the extreme-right West comes to the defense. Brice Hortefeux , friend of thirty years, finds himself returning to the drawing board for its disastrous record, and is now promoted to an honorary jump seat special advisor to his little master. The eminence grise Claude Gueant finally emerges from the shadows and inherits the Ministry of Interior. Xavier Musca about he took up the ranks to become secretary general of the Elysee.

François Fillon, totally non-existent since the revelation of his adventures in Egypt, is retained in service through clothes pins plastoc. For how long? Sarkozy reportedly told the Reverend Father Ballamou any fatigue that inspired his supercilious Prime Minister: "It hideout. It does me no good. We no longer heard . Confirmation

20 H! The very angry cause tonight in the position to formally discuss the international news! It smells rotten to the decaying Sarkozia ... Completely undermined by the Arab Revolt! The foppish we speak of the fear of migration flows due to these events ... Comprehensive program!


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