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I Have Power Of Attorney, How Do I Cash A Check

Bouvard and Pecuchet Remember vacancy (s) ... Do not change

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Klíma criticizes the thought of being that often a dummy logic, unable to embrace the contradictions in their generosity - the truth is fiction, and as such should be practiced, not to conquer. Hence it follows according to the author that the holy consciousness is more like a rain of "states of mind", a magma of intensities "volitional" prove that the world rests on a "will to pleasure . Klíma and to forge a language and grammar to the excesses of his purpose classifications of Linnaeus, Darwin's theories, postulates of physiognomy (the yawning mouth of Napoleon as the cannon of Waterloo!), He chews everything, to him, " the platypus REM "who did not sign the text of an L. liberator.
Concepts, uncompromising in his writing, become passionate rats, spiders farcical, sometimes biting the plank on which they sail verbal, sometimes weaving webs that the slightest gust of wind tears. And the terrible Klíma reader, the reader disturbingly contemporary, discovered by reading these flights of aphorisms ("Love sex meets three main ingredients: 1. vanity, 2. vanity, 3. vanity" or better: "We take our desire for a testimony to the support of the truth of the thing desired "), these developments deaf and involute (" All trim and frame, and trembling behind, hopes and despairs, rejoices and grieves for something that not only is' theoretically nothing

, but, practically speaking, who is paralyzed into nothingness "), these axioms monstrous (" Experience is the solace and refuge of fools ... "), the reader, therefore, finds that joining a thought is an absurd gesture, which devotes only its self-sufficiency. Because we Klíma said," every human thought is if not inspired, at least infected by sociability, [...] man is a sociable animal entirely ... -

it is: an animal loose [...] a warped mind, cramped, crooked, a life of nothing that compromise and fear and trembling, and deceit and flattery and of infamy, a state-cons type of confusion and unnecessary width, the brainwashing, dressage, dispersion, chaos, and therefore mute the affects strong and pure - "

Width superfluous thus defined and measured, the human bladder stigmatized by Klima has no right to be let it be. If a philosophy can not do at one time or another of its horrors and merriment, the economy of the extreme virulence, then The world as consciousness and as nothing

may this machine be terribly singles who went to war against intellectual atrophy, like the prose of a fractal or phrasing Arno Schmidt aheurté of Artaud, we best describes the Enemy: the non-displayed désir.Le nihilism and fragmentary Ladislav Klima has long been settled: "The best remedy against fear is the desire of what we fear." Duly noted.


Ladislav Klima,

The world as consciousness and as nothing, Editions La Difference. Translated from Czech by Erika Abrams. 216 pages.

138 francs.


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