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Is There A Virus With Stiff Neck? 2010

Joke Presidential

Inculte editions published this month:
of Mathias Enard "Awakened at midnight by a phone call from Jeanne him of the death of Vladimir, Mathias within the hour hand to Moscow to find that which remains his dead love. In the pain of grief in the heart of a city disoriented - wasteland populated by shadows - the former lovers find themselves briefly gathered around the corpse of their friend.
But we'll have to escort him to his native village, deep in Siberia, for burial. Mathias will make a trip alone beside her silent companion on board the famous Trans-Siberian Railway linking Moscow to Vladivostok.

Three thousand miles to go through a succession of fabulous scenery, and as many memories of the fierce and complex love story which depicts the three accomplices in the shady places of the Russian capital, amid swirls of opium. In this story, invite each resonance also the Russian cultural and political history: the Civil War led by Trotsky, the gulags Shalamov told by the first fee of Babel. A text where the shadows of Dostoevsky and Gogol Aksyonov are never far away ... Like Chekhov, who claimed that the face of death, it remains that alcohol and nostalgia. "


Mathias Enard, the Review uneducated & Fred Exley to the bookstore cat burglar
Bookstore the cat burglar invites you to talk about alcohol (and drank a little too ...), around three books: The number 20

of the journal uneducated, to appear Jan. 19 in which we will discover a beautiful folder devoted specifically to alcohol.

The Alcohol and
Nostalgia, a new book by Mathias √Čnard for editions uncultivated. Presentation of the book and reading excerpts.

The Last Stage of Thirst, by Frederick Exley
, published by Mr. Toussaint Louverture, translated from the U.S. by Philip Schmidt and Jerome Aronson.
Presentation book by its publisher, Dominique Bordes.

Visit Tuesday, February 8 at the bookstore cat burglar, 71 rue de Menilmontant (Metro Ménilmontant), from 19.30.


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