Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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The umbrella Gaddafi

As in any totalitarian system which respects itself, after the rumor of his flight to Venezuela or Brazil, Libyan television denies and accuses the media "propaganda" Western impart false information Of course, destabilize the regime. To prove that this is a lie, the television "service" has shown the coil guide the Great Jamahiriya, the great artificer of "direct democracy" umbrella deployed ... Tripoli! No element of the image shows that it is where we say! It has filmed the moon in the American desert! This is not surprising, given that the same TV also belies the massacres against the demonstrators.

Meanwhile, following the resignation of the Libyan ambassador to India to protest against the massive and unacceptable violence against civilians in his country, denouncing the bombing of demonstrators by the Air Force is around his representation of Australia to declare represent "the Libyan people, not its regime. " And the epidemic of resignation is gaining ground . Add, to put an end to the rumor that Libyan diplomats stationed at the United Nations reminiscent of a "genocide" and will urge the Libyan army to overthrow the tyrant.

Needless to advance the lower figure: once written, immediately canceled. The dead are piling up and looting are increasing, which is normal in such situations. But one constant remains: like his predecessors, Ben Ali and Mubarak, Gaddafi, who has never contributed to any organization and process funded pension wild leaves power with a nest egg estimated at 80 billion dollars! The GDP of how so-called poor? ... Rumba thieves, murderers and hypocrites continues!

How then give any credence to the soothing speeches of politicians? To be sure that repression takes place in good and due form, the Security Council UN meets on Tuesday, but already the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he urged Gaddafi to "respect fully human rights, freedom of assembly and speech, while the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay considers his side as "the systematic attacks against the civilian population could be treated as crimes against humanity"!

To continue with the desertions, two Libyan military aircraft, apparently armed, and two civilians helicopters, landed Monday afternoon at the airport in Valletta, Malta's capital, announced AFP quoting military sources.

Another effort, Libyan friends!


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