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Revolution? "Yes we can! The cocktail of

course, Barak Obama never claimed (or thought) faire la revolution ' with this slogan so clever. But to elect first president born American (half, certainly) in Africa. Coming after so reactionary Bush Junior, it was still a hell of a 'cultural revolution ' for the morals of the average American, so often steeped in racial prejudice ...

Two other Africans (100% this time) entered into history, the old Nelson Mandela and young Patrice Lumumba . The second was like a meteorite in the spirit of decolonization. After a few months very agitated for independence former Belgian Congo, as prime minister, this former postman (as Besancenot!) was obnoxiously arrested, tortured, killed, sold by henchmen African capitalism ... But his message and his image still persist throughout Africa, black or white. Mandela, himself, has an incredible longevity, if one remembers all that he endured apartheid ruling yesterday: long multifaceted struggles within the ANC, long detention in prison, and finally victory and power, but with fierce 'roadblocks' . Then retreat 'Sage' : it is certain that his death, the entire African continent (and beyond) will cry, sing man, but most continue its fight - as he has done since the assassination of Lumumba

... I have some scruples, very serious , to ask me in 'thinker of the revolution to come' . But not just dreaming, What hope to maintain my younger sisters and brothers humans everywhere, that of finding the way - multiple tracks, rather - to get there, either Argentina or Iceland , Algeria, Israel, France ... in China?

"Below you can not more experience at the top you can not hold " writes Edgar Morin to define the beginning of a revolution. More pragmatically, Che Guevara said "The revolutionary is the one who made the revolution" , which can be understood as in many other areas as the political field: for example those 'his revolution manners' , his understanding of science (Galileo, Darwin ...), daring to venture so. But there is usually a 'fallout' in the social world, and therefore political, even this type of revolutionary change in attitudes (cf. 'the Enlightenment' before 1789, etc.). ... Another

'famous saying' a genuine revolutionary, became (worse than many others odious dictator) is Mao Zedong, about the American Empire 'paper tiger' ' Who's afraid of whom? " told him he challenge for his dedicated craftsmen 'Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution' and for the hundreds of millions of anti-imperialists of the time the Vietnam War ... And yet this poor poet was able to have beautiful metaphors by way of policy direction, like this: 'Let a hundred flowers bloom! " ... while reserving, for that matter, then choose a bouquet of flowers!

Today, China applies to the way the image of 'paper tiger' by taking hostage the '$ paper' allowing it to base its imperialism, arguably the world's first And to close soon ... this very partial overview of the concept of Revolution: Gandhi. The apostle of so brave 'Nonviolence' did bend the British Empire 'Indies' : a true political revolution ... it paid for its victory at a heavy price for his assassination, followed by the infamous partition India and Pakistan became ... so violent, till now!

Today, Obama, of course, a prisoner of the American political system now dominated by capitalism at bay, trying to sing more 'Yes we can' in arbitrator (outdated) social movements political 'Arab World' (concept also criticized, but convenient, temporarily). Curiously, it is in French - 'Get out! " - Tunisia has given 'on the' this new wave of revolution, or at least radical, against dictatorships. History is unfortunately 'fond' of human flesh during the Revolution, including those of both the National Liberation Forces (see Vietnam and Algeria), rare or Social Revolutions: 'The Commune of Paris' , all imperfect and provisional as it was, remains the benchmark, celebrated by the song that says 'All it does not, Nicolas, qu'la Municipality is not dead! " (it was a Nicolas of the people, then!)

... It would be vain and odious to compare the numbers, atrocious, victims of these various revolutions, some of which only overthrew the repressive power, at least some time ... 'And the Wheel Turns' ... And the need for justice, social policy, therefore, remains anchored everywhere, and much more in the most oppressed peoples ...

From this point of view, the difference is huge between France (etc.) and many nations very poor (not Arabic only). We're here quite rightly motivated against this power so clumsy, arrogant, etc.. which seeks (among other things and succeeds with Loppsi 2) to reverse the social gains, the fruits of our past social victories, including 36 and 45. We are sympathetic to the 'No' (papers, roofs, resources, etc.). And that's good. And more aware that they must be 'true green' , anti-nuclear and for 'Decay' is good. Well as to fight for the cause of women. Although finally clear distinction between social classes, their antagonisms, cons' porridge chat blah-blah politician ... But, whatever the knowledge that we can have staggering differences between the looters (Mrs. Bettencourt in effigy mermaid on the prow of a pirate ship!) and poorest 'from us' ... we do not (or more) this 'flame' a social fraternity in the past. Which is now not complete, but much larger in poor countries. In which intellectuals, young or not, often poor and oppressed, are more spontaneous 'serve the people' if destitute ...

A bonus added, significant, new means of communication - Internet, etc .- and quality of knowledge distributed in poor nations, no relation to (say) those of the Russians in 1917 ... This is so fast, since the terrorist Bin Laden's madness September 11, 2001, which is just beginning to understand this historical reality: this criminal adventure, with consequences so disastrous, is not at all a sign of 'The End of History' obtuse ideologues. It is rather like a 'swan song' the ultimate drift 'Islamist terrorism' already beleaguered , which has been declining. It should open the file of the heavy exploitation - Afghanistan, Palestine, Algeria, etc.. - This branch of an alleged sordid Islam by the authorities, the dollar and oil: it would be another article on the onslaught of propaganda of capitalist interests. Clearly, it appears now that the last page turns (slowly!) Of this Manichean vision ( Bush and his Axis of Evil ', etc..), Which acts ' scarecrow ' the spectrum Islam = terrorist ', as there was ' = Bolshevik knife between his teeth '...

' The Wheel ', many thanks to Arab revolt in , of which pious Muslims to push the wheel, taking from the way you ' Yes we can' ... to dare the revolution (to go everywhere!) ... SOCIAL JUSTICE, yes we can!

PS: I deliberately refrained from references to great thinkers 'theory revolution ' (Bakunin, Marx, Trotsky ...) on Capitalism, instead of the state in society and so on. - That would have doubled the volume of the item. But maybe I will come back occasionally? ... I am tempted! Let

schematically here Bakunin represents the 'no state' Trotsky 'Permanent Revolution' and Marx 'the withering away of the state' : I found the recent article by Alain Badiou , read a few days ago with a 'phrase of the day' (thank you for reminding me to reread it means!) These three influences, the more (more rhetorical) Mao ...

remain the burning issue - social misery, ideology of 'consumer' for the super-capitalist, destructive of Planet Earth - and the political shackles revolted against the police (e) s

... And still the burning creativity, individual and social 'maintains Hope' , music, poetry, graphic arts (and others) ... humor too!


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