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[Quiz] The Thief of light: cinema tickets and posters to win

the occasion of the theatrical release March 2, 2011 Film The Thief of Light , agency K offers a contest for readers ruminant :
THE Thurs

Earn 10 cinema seats (2x5) and 10 posters of the film by answering the following questions:

  1. How in Thief light, do we call the hero of the film?

  2. What are the neighboring countries of Kyrgyzstan?

Send your answers by giving your full name, email address and mailing address here: Contact

Quiz valid of 15/02/11 27/02/11 at midnight French time.
Participants must answer correctly to 2 questions and provide their contact details to try to win lots Thief of Light.
Winners will be determined by lot.
All fields are required. Otherwise, it will not be possible to prevent the winner.
Lots will be sent to winners within one week of the results.
Sending lots is The agency provided by K.
Ruminance not be held responsible for non delivery of consignments.
Only one entry per family.
game reserve in mainland France, including Corsica.

The film is set in Kyrgyzstan, former Soviet republic became independent, located deep in the plains of Central Asia. The Kyrgyzstan is also called "the land of celestial mountains". Its director is Kyrgyz and plays the lead role to boot.
is the story of a handyman-electrician who lives in a small village at the foot of the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and works bike. In the village, he gained notoriety for two reasons. The first because he has a dream: to build wind a little bit closer to the mountains, where there is lots of wind, allowing the villagers around to get electricity cheaper than that coming elsewhere. The second because he loves to serve the poor who do not have enough money to pay their electricity bills ... So it goes fiddle their meters, turns climbing electricity poles with spikes crescent-shaped (in my time, EDF technicians also had to go upstairs to see what happened after ... we had some concrete poles, it was less nice). In short, the electrician handyman climbs closer to the sky through the small metal fins that tipped shoes, like a Hermes steppes. And mountains, there basically, placidly watching the comings and just the plain. The wind, himself, sweeping the leaves of trees in the foothills of the mountains, according to his will. ( Read more )


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