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Spree by Cavada!

several occasions to France 2, my path crossed that of JM Cavada . In 76 when I transferred Elkabbach my position at the Directorate of Information of where my boss had thrown ... it helped me to make a cover letter (I was motivated mostly hate) requested by Elkabbach my "tacking." Later he called me to work on the show he produced "A Man, A Day" which was to regain control of important facts of contemporary history. It was an exciting team with people quite friendly. I remember learning to play with Michael Yam's Thoulouze as a teacher. I reassure them "thugs officials" we played in the evening after work, because we liked hanging around the office because of our respective love lives a little "in pieces".

So I finally found an interesting and varied work in a pleasant atmosphere within the team that prepared the program "A Nous Deux", Cavada was appointed "Director of Antenna" on France 2 ... He was chomping at the bit to RTL and Europe 1, while having created his production company ... (I believe it) until this appointment. Thoulouze, producer of two of us being spent on Canal, the producers had changed: JM Cavada and Jean-Pierre Bertrand.

So here he is coming dashing Avenue Montaigne, invests his office on the 7th floor and talks like a boss of the private: "I'll put everyone to work, y ' fed up with unions and so on. . He tells me he has plans for me ... I told him I am very happy to "A Nous Deux" but I like the novelty, I accept his proposal. I find myself Production Assistant Magazines headed at the time by Michael Honorin, old soldier in the war journalism (among others). The flagship program on which I worked was called "Stars" was a pretty cool project, but our 'stars' French were very few available and had few interests other than their navel. So the issue never existed. In
Meanwhile, I helped plan the documentation journalists who turned magazines. But I was a little busy, especially Honorine had a very personal personal assistant would not let me too "encroaching" on its subject: the Chief's office.

meantime, Cavada faced a sling terrible labor, technicians, drafting ... Within weeks, he managed to get staff back to France 2. He has, suddenly, left his post as Director of Antenna for RTL, and with a title of producer for France 2. For my part, I was bored firm became aware that the show "Star" would have no Day, Cavada then told me: "I'm gonna need you to come to my show," Walk of the Century. "

JP Bertrand has scuttled "A Nous 2", it became the factotum of Jean-Marie for "The Walk". At the same time I found my dear friend Marie-Paule, who had contributed to a good atmosphere in my previous job. We both crossed the Rue Jean-Goujon and spent June and July 86 to do nothing! The leaders were on vacation ...
The Minitel is booming, Marie-Paule and I spent a good part of the summer we laugh like crazy with Courier meetings. Every day, we were invited to lunch by guys (for a single moment) and we managed to make a small group of regulars pretty cool.

Suddenly, after August 15, not'grand feathered head back from vacation. This RTL every day of the week, we do not see. I phone the last week of August, disturbing me in a meeting of Minitel o)) to give me an endless listing of images to find him for her show! At least three pages, the listing! And of course the day before yesterday!

I had to work mainly with INA (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel) and we were still far from the computer world! And for international calls, talk to the international news agencies. The job was all the more tedious than totally unaware of the use would be made! When you're a librarian, you need to know the final use of images, as some speak more than others, depending on their goal. Two days after his phone call, so I had to look at film archives Cognac-Jay and I have gleaned a dozen cassettes of the antenna of the INA to Montaigne (the librarian INA had called the show "The Contract of the Century"), Cavada impatient, always on the phone of course and finally get excited and call me lazy (in polite terms). I replied a little sharply, administrative slowness of the INA, very long list of images, too disparate, needs to regain the rights that go with certain images, pay license fees before use, to explain how many seconds it will take and unable to give a precise answer etc.. And I end up exploding and say, "but I do not even know what you do with these images, so how do you want to go faster. It is on public television ! . Here he tells me that's the generic issue. It was an early reply!

note in passing that in a month the first issue, we, a small staff, knew nothing of the road project on which we were supposed to work daily. I have released a tape of fifty of the INA, two or three rolls of film and images "EVN" (exchange video between TVs and foreign agencies) that we did not qualify for these exchanges are intended solely information, not production use. This little treasure dearly paid stock is embedded one evening by a courier box chosen by Cavada private production to produce the generic ... The following week, Jean-Pierre Bertrand arrives back from vacation, which "takes things in hand."

I'm still not sure where we go ... especially since the literature search I did for the credits have blurred even more the perception that I had little issue to come: world events, wars of the time, daily life, economy, it was going in all I sought the meaning and the idea and the conductive connection with the march, or century, or the march of time. One Friday evening, late, Cavada takes us all see his "generic" in Neuilly, in the box that puts the finishing touches. And there, in the control room, seeing the "thing", I choke, but where are all the pictures I have taken out? Cavada show me one screen and said, "but there ... you do not see them? . I'm looking, I see nothing on the video that unfolds before us. Then he said, "there they are embedded in" transparency "on the letters of CENTURY WALKING the generic! I try hard and finally discern waves moving images in print, but you really knowledge to see them!

The annoyance and disappointment had to be on my mind ... I was annoyed to have so much work in such a fog, all that to do not even glimpse the images that had cost so much and why I ran like a maniac. I would bet that nobody would pay attention to these images "subliminal" credits. Since I do not know my tongue, I had the "open" a bit too hard, as usual. Anyway I had the impression of not being in my place and be paid to reassure the ego deflated a Jean-Marie turned after 3 months of his position as Director of Antenna. In the absence of Cavada, even represented by JP Bertrand (which I was deeply allergic because of his affinity with the RPR), the office us "sight sailing" ... it is 15 days after a single "brain storming" with "special advisers" Honorin Michel Bertrand, Cavada, a director whose name I forget (which should be part of the executive committee of the production) The first show was improvised.

theme: young! The preparation was chaotic, Cavada RTL all day, even on the day of the first, it took him prepare small cards, Bertrand worked on his side, to Marie Paule, me to mine, but have still not grasped the purpose of the broadcast ... Yet as an assistant, I had to pick out the marrow of meetings and brainstorming, but frankly, it was a martyr for me because I still had not found the "line", the purpose of this program in-foobar boulga ideas seemed to me empty of any meaning and anything but original.

Again, boredom had to see on my head o)). The program on "young" was a failure, everyone agreed. There was a challenge then? Apart " was zero, "nothing has changed ... we continued in the most total fog. I remember a meeting with the same pundits "think-tank" ...

What theme could be addressed in the next issue (fortunately, it was a month)? I'm there to take notes. Cavada touches the crotch ... Honorin thought ... I'm the only girl in the group. Loneliness ... offers Cavada (recently divorced)! The guys are scratching their heads, feeling their will. Me: What bin, solitude is good, the loneliness when she was chosen! And we talk and we talk, and I'm bored ... and I note the words sounding redundant and delivered by Jean-Marie. (Starting at meetings, I bet with Marie-Paule on the number of bombastic words that would be used). I make columns and a line in the column of the word concerned whenever Jean-Marie pronounce. Ca'm good: o). My columns are filled, boredom fills him the part. The "oldies" think, think ...
Suddenly, one of them said, "Oh, look, and if we did a show on the 40 year old woman?
The chorus of thinkers, "ah, yes, it's not a bad idea" ... As I find the idea stupid, I open (again) my big mouth and say "what, the 40 year old woman? It goes well, the wife of 40 years, I have 40 years and that's fine. Why not do a show safe fifties, "I said looking at them all with a knowing look (they were all over 50 years).

And here I Cavada changes from the meeting: I was a grouillotte who was only taking notes, not criticize and intervene to make the evil spirit. I walked out relieved to count my sticks of "words" and forward Marie-Paule who laughed like crazy. We worked on "40 year old woman." I always backwards. I do not really see what we could say or in what angle would be treated this theme but knowing the fellows, I was convinced that things were not going in the right direction. I did not care, because I had asked in early September for my vacation the day after the broadcast. I left in mid-November to mid-December to Venezuela. So I "took it upon myself" to work but without conviction. I do not feel at all this "Walk of the Century."

the eve of the second issue, in a brief passage Cavada ... it screams: Bertrand had asked too many caregivers (mostly women in their sixties, other than 30, only one of 40!) Should be pruned! Cavada leaves office Smokey. The next day, Bertrand myself to the humiliating task assigned to it. It was he who invited a score of women, it would be for him to cancel. No! It is for me to do so at the last minute. Foam at the mouth! Four hours before the live, it's me who should carry out this difficult task: to call those who were removed yesterday by Jean-Marie, to tell them the news. Some were unreachable, others make me uncomfortable reflections on my lack of politeness, this lack of respect, this lightweight ... One of them is already in the London-Paris flight. Tired of having to undergo the unpleasant thoughts of people abused by producers of the show, I say that I am just performing. It was a painful moment for me. The evidence, I still remember. I was ashamed for them. They do not. The line was held, also in the total improvisation, as Jean-Marie, too busy to RTL, had no time to rehearse than 1 hour before the live. I still did not understand what I was doing there. My replacement arrived the day before ... I went on vacation ...

Late show, I was so upset that I am drunk with friends. I on vacation the next day so ... Glad to no longer operate in this confusion, I flew to Caracas two days later and I completely forgot this show, its producers, the atmosphere tense and deleterious and my difficulties in finding my place.

On my return to Caracas, we started working on the issue in January. My successor was still there. Cavada was never there. Bertrand and Marie-Paule got along like two afire. This is where Marie-Paule said, "You know, they want to fire you! . I hate moods like rotten, so I went into the office of JP Bertrand "die the abscess. I told him "I know you want to fire me ... good, then I'm a little more positive than before my vacation, I was tired ... Would you agree, Jean-Marie and you, to let me prove myself with new energy, until next January. Afterwards, if it still does not, well we say goodbye. " Tope then, Jean-Pierre told me that it's okay, he will talk to Jean-Marie, etc.. I get out and summarizes the interview to Marie-Paule who still tells me that my successor is still there. His contract ends in late January. Subjects teachers. I search the doc, I immersed myself truly and sincerely and I "put the turbo. December 20 we were about.

On December 31, I still have not seen Cavada since my return from vacation. Jean-Pierre Bertrand arrived at 11:30 am and calls me into his office. He said: "Listen, Jean-Marie is not pleased with your work, he wants you to leave the show." Me: "But you agreed to keep me up to broadcast in January and after to see if I stayed or not? And where he is, Jean-Marie? Why is not he who informed me of his decision, he scared? . Him: "It is with his son in Casamance. But it was his decision, firm and stopped. You go now. ! I had to have eyes revolver! But it was Cavada they were intended, not that poor Bertrand, executor of dirty work that makes them run by underlings when possible.

I do not know if I said goodbye. I was disgusted. A betrayal, a breach of promise. Cavada and Bertrand had shown contempt with which they treated the small staff. Cavada picks me up when I'm having fun on a show, he kills her by putting JP Bertrand as director of editorial policy, and then he turns to me without even dare say it to my face! But what deflated !

I had rabies. I took my phone and called Jean-Yves. He had replaced the newspaper of the night when I took leave without pay and we became friends. He became assistant to the foreign policy department of writing. I knew he must soon go to work on the magazine's editor. It would therefore leave the foreign policy. He knew I was unhappy with Cavada and informed me of this vacancy to come, as much as friendly, and because I was tired of being paid to do nothing (no emission in summer), I had replaced a few days in summer precedent. Unofficial replacement because I liked the international ... On the phone, Jean-Yves Serra tells me that Peter (the owner of the service at the time) is there, if I want to see. I ask him one or two words in Serra on my candidacy. Jer crosses the street, arrived on the 4th floor of the Avenue Montaigne and am immediately received by Pierre Serra. I told him frankly my mishap and he said 'welcome in foreign policy, I remember you. I am delighted to be working with a real pro! I go up to 5th illico see the administrator of the info for him to convey these changes positions. I was in CDI, it was no problem. In 30 minutes I had found a job that would be exciting ... Cavada was forgotten in the Casamance! There were Dec. 31, 1986, it was noon.

followed Marie-Paule Jean-Marie and Jean-Pierre on France 3, where they still have a magazine called "The Walk of the Century", produced entirely by the private sector. Marie-Paule then took the grade: Production Manager. She left everything to open a restaurant with her husband Corsican.
You eat excellently and is a very friendly hostess. I go there from time to time. During my last visit home, she said, "Jean-Marie could not bear you to go when we were on vacation in the early days of the show, that's why did he sacked "...
But Jean-Pierre, who had signed my application for leave! Looks like these two friends (who will eventually get angry badly in the 90s) had well soaped the plank!


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