Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cover Ugly Toilet Pipes

Fink, Levy, Adler and Other

decades, BHL and Alain Finkielkraut shared media space for a systematic destruction of philosophical thought. Thanks to them, the philosopher became the bazaar of Islamophobia the cruelest and most absurd. They type of Arabic as the convict once tapped the pebble in prison. And fascism in all this? No worries, he is doing well. My purpose is shocking, the better. No way to advance the idea, but as soon you into the category pro-this, pro-that. Nervous enough to make the most apathetic! Try to make sense of things, try humanism, solidarity, justice, nothing but universal values and see how fast you range in shelving Islamo-leftist!

Followed, if not preceded, by Cohort Adler, Elizabeth Levy , small Zemmour-the pied, advocates of democracy in low flow, delivering the discredit, melodrama, fear all valves open, waving the Islamist danger lurking behind every curtain, as the threat from which no escape if we do not show vigilance and commitment, these fine people work to justify a few horrors that history can not and must not ignore. But here

that revolutions Tunisian and Egyptian explode, chasing one after Ben Ali and Mubarak's government, raising the worldwide outpouring of support and enthusiasm that we know. What is more natural when you know the condition of life for these people forever? No cause for celebration among right-thinking, they see signs of an unprecedented cataclysm for the balance of Western values. What more natural then, that these new crusaders unsheathe artillery heavy? Yet never at any moment they have dreamed up the idea that these people could dream of anything other than sharia, democracy for example. A revolution in Arabic - to democracy at that - how awful!

face of such catastrophe, a solution as in the marine, all on deck and we scoop from Arabic! Too many Arabs in the boat, it's dangerous for the cargo, it relieves! And what is the best way to get rid of the overflow? It is rumored that the cargo is damaged. A democratic revolution at the gates of Israel ? Unthinkable!

These voice of the Israeli fear at no time expressed any joy in these people suddenly enjoying the pleasure of an immense feeling of freedom. Too little for them.

Have we heard the great humanists, the intellectuals of the luster that rebelled against the fascist drift - yes, I wrote fascist , gentlemen - the state of Israel and cons to this prison open what became the Gaza Strip? Or were they when the same State of Israel, as part of Operation Cast Lead, "which lasted three long weeks, causing death nearly 1500 people, women, children and elderly especially? Thinking they have the best defense to avoid talking about it "acts amounting to war crimes" or "crimes against humanity"? ...

And if instead of talk about the threat of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, they explained to us, with the enthusiasm that they know how, in Israel, "a party of this nature be a member long history of coalition government "? ... Read about the excellent paper Pascal Boniface, as gentlemen Finkielkraut BHL Adler or have difficulties to explain himself.

now well-oiled, the surprise Tunisian and Egyptian past, the machine of cons-offensive is running and playing media colonize space of danger and guilt, victims became the perpetrators of which must be ( or it was) to rid the planet.

What name to give it ...? Yet there is one!


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