Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Stick Birkenstock

Dog Goncourt

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Madame Bovary, Balzac published his woman thirty years portrait of an adulteress disappointed by the "invalidity" of her husband. The plot may have prevented incredible Julie Chastillon then be reified in archetype - the only imposed itself the phrase "woman of thirty." However, the trial against Flaubert had to encourage the emergence of the famous "bovarysm", a term quickly became so deserved that clinical avatars we know it. It probably comes Barbey d'Aurevilly have coined the word, he orthographia scientifically "Bovari" in a book published in 1865. Jules de Gautier but it will give its credentials to the word philosophy by dedicating a book entitled The
Bovarysm bovaryser

) to romantic limbo, if not farcical (the small bourgeois unsatisfied wholesale) in order to extract the essence alienating. According to Gautier, the first bovarysm

is "the power relinquished to another man to conceive it is." Once again, surprised us. And this theory vaguely positivist background of vitality and determinism, which makes bovarysm an impulse, a critique of reality by the forces of unstable imagination - and little echoes that theory has encountered. For who said today "bovarysm "Do not automatically think to colonized peoples and those who" during a long period under the yoke of immutable customs have lost the power to change. " Similarly, despite the exciting work of Jacques Rancière in, among other Hatred of democracy (La Fabrique, 2005) and policy literature (Galilee, 2007), the political guts "bovarysm" struggling to rumbling voice their seditious. Rancière's argument is nevertheless an attractive relevance: the capricious Emma is not just that of a peasant girl plagued by petty-bourgeois dreams and fantasies from readings of chivalry, it is primarily the social body reached the "evil democratic," and that sets in motion a "refusal to separate the material enjoyment of property and the enjoyment of spiritual literature, art, ideals . Recall that in 1857, this thorn "democratic" was already working Flaubert's contemporaries: Pontmartin Armand de Had not spotted when the influence of the "ruling power", up to declare that "Mr. Gustave Flaubert That's democracy in the novel? Alas, neither the epidermal nor reactionary analysis post-Althusserian are able to make Emma a crypto-revolutionary and wife of "Charbovari" has been condemned, forcing doxa, to a fate of frustrated housewife, kitsch-loving and swoons. Minelli has made it a bitch brittle features Jennifer Jones ("all she wanted WAS everything", whispers the teaser ...) Sokurov was delirious and body language in his hallucinatory bovaryenne Save and Protect ( 1989) Chabrol, Huppert's talent notwithstanding, has plunged in 1991 as a narcotic formalin Posy Simmonds will make it a yuppie idle Gemma Bovery ... Fame, like arsenic, is the cause of strange convulsions literature is the opium of the masses of readers. Run, Emma magic, run!


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