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The dream of an Israel / Palestine ... appeased

The current reality in Palestine and Israel is a nightmare. That of an extreme right to power in Israel and Palestine that of a very battered by this cruel power. This can even be worse, certainly not better, as the Israeli people will accept to be led by the new fascism, a tragic development that Zionism was more inspired at the beginning ...
This blocks everything, otherwise the dream a peaceful future. I glue myself ...

First, here are some reminders of evidence:
- Jews and Arabs are Semites. This is not an ethnic unity but language: Hebrew, Arabic and Aramaic (the language now disappearing was that of Jesus) are quite similar languages, like the three Romance languages, Italian, English and French (although the Latin influence many other languages like English or Romanian ...)

- From the famous' Destruction of the Temple ' and' Dispersion Diaspora '(always controversial historical facts, anyway mythologized (see Shlomo Sand:' How the Jewish people was invented ', Fayard, 2008), there has always been present (minority) of Jews in Palestine as in Iraq, Egypt, North Africa, Turkey, etc..

- The Zionist doctrine (strong secular first!) Was born in Europe, the Ashkenazi Diaspora victim of racism abhorrent to Christians, Orthodox in the Tsarist Empire, Protestant and Catholic principalities or kingdoms in the most Western Europe. Born well before the Nazis (which exacerbated this racism in Shoah), the attempt to combine the persecuted Jews out of Europe this racist (there was talk of other countries before choosing the Palestine!) Zionism sent its first pioneers in 'Judea and Samaria, in the early 1920s. They were initially welcomed by local authorities (Arabic and English, successors of the Turks) and the Palestinian population. It is true that at the time throughout the Middle East received peacefully minority of Europeans, rich or less ...

- From the lightning conquest, military and religious, Islam in the seventh century, Arab governments -Muslims have always wanted, able, unable, due (depending on the circumstances!) accept large minorities or ethnic groups (majority locally!) as the Kurds, Kabyle, etc.. or religious (Christian, Jewish ... Only atheists were never welcome). The Ottoman Empire, in particular, was very tolerant ... And things have begun to spoil by colonial conquests (Franco-English in the Maghreb, Mashreq British, two Italian, Libya ...).

- Since 1941, Zionism does not want just a 'Jewish homeland ' , vague term and granted by the United Kingdom, but a state power in Palestine: the long secret project becomes public. At the end of the war, after the reception (in often dramatic circumstances, see the scandal of the 'Exodus ') of survivors of the Holocaust, Zionism is getting a 'legitimacy'. He harshly criticized the Jewish victims (non-Zionist, very often) not daring to oppose the Nazis, therefore let massacre. There he suddenly became 'sacred', like 'State of the Jews' compensation to Holocaust ... In 1947 the British fold under the Zionist terrorist groups ( King David Hotel) , then it is war against a diverse coalition of Arab armies, often betrayed by the British Defence Staff (including Egypt in the 'vassal' King Farouk). It is the proclamation of the State of Israel (the territory conquered, not the partition plan of the UN) and the 'Nakba' (Catastrophe) for the Palestinian people - and the Arab armies. Absolutely important historical fact. Then ... it's more known, I will not go!

- Would it be wise to open by the bloody history of terrorism, the powerful state of the Israeli aggressor, those cons-terrorism of the Palestinian resistance ... Resistance attacked sometimes venturing to hijack airliners, etc.. ? I leave that to the views of commentators on this story: we can come back!

- But I return to a phenomenon always underestimated: there's always been in contact, often friendly, sometimes tense, between Palestinian and Israeli intellectuals discrete, for 60 years. For the best - peace - or least worst, de-escalation. This is of course remained marginal, often secret, and sometimes struck with utopian idealism as 'the state Israeli-Palestinian Kingdom'. But a by-product that also gave the 'Camp David Accords', etc.. (So many hopes disappointed later by the "torpedoing" the Zionist right).

Back to the dream (awake), to a future of peace ... ATTENTION, dream (supplied by these imaginative contacts between intellectuals on both sides)!

After 'the incident' (as described by the authorities of both sides) from 1st April 2013, everything began to fall over. That day, in the complicated circumstances that we begin to know and on what I do not return, an IDF patrol ventured to fraternize with Palestinian protesters: they locked arms and helmets in the vehicles, came to deliver cakes to Palestinians ... who offered them tea: we befriended him ... and it snowballed. These soldiers had'm arrested, their successors did the same: an epidemic!

Two months later, the political situation was upset, also unpublished. Both sides. Small reminder of the context: since January 2011 (the beginning of the Egyptian revolution, spread to Jordan, Syria, Lebanon since), the extreme Israeli right foot lost ... also dropped by Washington, in fact if not officially. In short, it was finally time to make peace: which one?

As usual, bold (?) Officials UN intermediating laboriously. It was then that 'THE' committee, previously secret, made for years of quiet intellectuals (including a lot of musicians, poets, filmmakers, historians ... also known) from both sides, who had his plan. Summed up in one point:

Item 1 - total disarmament of both sides (95% and 5% Palestinian Israeli!), Under international control (I pass over other points ...).

This made various waves, enormous. They spoke of 'little green men from Mars', the size of the microbe, which invaded the brain the most recalcitrant. In short it became a pacifist and - despite various incidents repressed only to tear! - Was accepted, reluctantly yet for some 'bosses' political or religious, ... kissing!

The 'peacekeepers' did not even need helmets: their technical work, huge, very easy by the willingness of both sides, was store and neutralize the military equipment, before destruction: the Negev desert and became the biggest cemetery of weapons (including all recent!) of the world ... and this example of course was very afraid to arms dealers, but mostly gave great hope to all peoples of the world ... : And if we disarm all?? (Poor arms dealers!).

born nine months later the Federation of both Palestinian and Israeli states. Disarmed.

Mixed marriages were multiplying ... One example, unreported, a fraternal way of life, finally. 'Abscess of mankind' was eradicated ... thank you 'little green men' ...

I woke up in a good laugh ... I hope you have smile and think !

Postscript: " (The Egyptian Revolution) could be good news for the entire Jewish community, and even Israeli Jews over the long term. Being surrounded by people who love freedom, social justice and spirituality, people who sometimes evolve smoothly and sometimes not so quietly between tradition and modernity, nationalism and humanism, capitalism, globalization and aggressive survival daily, will not be easy.

However it is a positive vision that carries the hope of similar changes in Palestine. It can cause end of more than a century of colonization and dispossession Zionist and bring about a reconciliation between the fair Palestinian victims of these criminal policies where they are located, and the Jewish community. This reconciliation is based on the Palestinian right of return and all other rights for which the people of Egypt has so bravely fought during the last 20 days. "Ilan Pappe


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