Friday, February 11, 2011

Natural Anti Perperant

lines Eleni Sikelianos

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monocles, eh ? What else to say again, that would interest readers hungry for stories where strut hilarious goblins and fairies badly corked? Ah yes, the day I announced I was going to Fabrice stop writing, he said, bluntly: "Cricket, if you keep writing I offer the Monocle Mysterious Middle of world. "Shit then, the quad M! Could not resist. I had dreamed of all my youth, this 4M. So I kept writing. Still bad, but good. And then one day I said to myself: good, will ask the friend what Fabrizio Legendary 4M. I got my phone. Nothing. Then two hours later, I received a call from some Katya, a girl who was working in the emergency I know which hospital. She cried. I do not know how she got my number. She said: "Your friend has burned. "It had the merit of being clear. I stayed a good hour sitting on my chair, phone in hand, the beep-beep-beep like a walrus emptied of meaning. I threw away my collection of monocles the toilet and I flushed. Obviously, it has blocked pronto. I was not going to call the plumber to unclog john qu'obstruaient imaginary stuff. Much to send a telex to a metaphysician. I moved. In Abyssinia, well see. Colin Read, yes, why not. If it makes you feel good. You will always be blind, and I a little orphan. Nobody can understand. Person. Monocles, Fabrice and what interest me ... today? If only we had been collecting matchbooks! You know, life is not what you think. The friendship either. The only thing that matters in the wind and storm, sulfur and ignorance is never panic. Never.
Note: Obviously, Fabrizio is all that is most alive. This text is a preface written for the collection

Like ghosts - saved from fire stories, Electric Sheep, Lyon, 2008 ...


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