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Amilcar, redo the straps of the hood.


This morning at the workshop, the straps of Amilcar redone. This new customer is sent to us by a saddler with whom we work in "partnership" for some minor work.
easy work just does not deserve a publication on the blog. But a few reasons, including emotional make me plunge.
First, we accept all the work we are asked, secondly, I have always been motorbikes and cars, third a little leather work, but a little nostalgia, a wonderful flashback.
This car was the first of my first teacher, not learning, but more than that, it was a friend, I speak of him in this post:

I rode in the car with him, even if it's ancient history, was already then a (car collection) very often my thoughts are with him, especially during these messages is a way to spend some time with him again.

This saddle gives me the opportunity to work on cars, my own clients that makes me happy too. Latest
straps I made were for a Bugatti in addition to work, I provide leather. Today, the customer brings his own goods. No matter if it's that leather " Supportlo " is loaded with oil, I work this kind of leather sandals in: / boujour-from-long-as-des.html

but much less fat than the latter. I'll quickly realize, he will ask us because of his preparation for tanning, small worries throughout the work, For cutting the straps, trimming, and sewing for their patterns.
This work for me are wonderful and we change the everyday. This is one of the reasons I has always been run in these other sectors of manufacturing, repair or processing of leather, the leather goods, upholstery, luggage,
way we interact, objects, places and characters sometimes unusual. Engaging in all, it is for example the restoration work in several areas, for film, theater, entertainment, motor sports, rock climbing, parachuting, gliding, sea, with its extreme champions their particular applications and their requirements, their time (I had the joy and obligation of working the night for the brothers Sharon on the eve of their last victory at the Bol d'or) This world of Champions is always humble, kind, grateful (A few days after their victory or defeat, you receive an autographed photo and a few lines of thanks).
At the end of each message, I said that our best reward is always customer satisfaction, in these examples, it takes its full meaning.

Today we meet a gentleman passionate for cars. I ask to go there to take accurate measurements, we will return with his finished work agreement for the five closing holes traditional and tension in the right place.

A view of the straps, they are not origins, but those found by the owner on the vehicle. For me they are positioned upside down. The closure is in the middle of the hood vents placed in the loop on the long strap in back. The return of the flange is held by "bystanders" in metal. All fasteners are made by screws and metal rivets. The owner
wonder three things, repeat leather accessories, use a protection under the leather loop closure to protect the paint, and that the location of the closure is done over the gills, for aesthetics of the whole.
Assuming a reversal of the closure of the loop and sense of closure with his return, I asked him to put in good order all these elements and parameters, to passers-leather (a prisoner, the other free ) instead of only metal screws and rivets, replaced by seams. Before I give the green light, he looks on his bookish literature, and here we see that I was right.

Small handheld devices that I use to always cut straps, belts, etc. ... For the record, they are no longer for sale on the catalogs of major suppliers and appear unavailable to purchase, but may be I'm wrong.

I set the camera to the right width, 30 mm.

We start cutting. that is complete, we realize the first problem, this leather high-fat, wrinkles and slips to 30 mm pass one way irregular up to 38 mm. disappointment, it is not serious but we need to draw and go to manual cutting knife, blade tina, cutter etc. ...

The strap width is plotted in silver pen.

in length.

We conduct cutting.

The flanges are cut.

first glue for holding the leather strap holding the screw on the lid, for easy transition to prevail and sewing room. we see that just as it will cut, not difficult, but not easy for a regular fashion.

All these works of collage, preparations are still being held up by these wonderful tweezers.

The positioning of the loop on the short and low, is drawn.

At the punch of the proper length and width, the cut is made for the passage of the tongue and the positioning of the loop.

The return of the strap is bonded and maintained.

We trace the two passers-by to the right width for the cut.

must be careful to provide for the return of the strap thickness, is traced through in length.

Perce to punch very end for ease of sewing, (not found today).

We sew with a needle. We could do with the machine, but the strength is quite different with stitching done by hand.

Passage to punch too, for all slots for sewing.

The first way is slipping, it will be made prisoner by a seam on each side.

The finish is long part of the plot and cut always with difficulty.

Taking the protective leather underneath. Obligation in all such cases to make a template. They are after each job retained. Above all, we are looking in the "stock" if we find
a model that matches that can be modified or help us, otherwise we do cardboard. All templates are typically made from this material, traced by half, folded in half, and cut tracks for perfect symmetry, otherwise it is completely imposible.

Using the template leather is path. We can see on the photo, the fold in the middle.

Sliced with difficulty for a job as perfect as possible. There is only one way to make perfect cuts symmetrical, cleanly, with a punch.

Amici on the flesh side, which normally you should never do for a trim quality, but are mandatory for aesthetics here.

the return of the flange underneath side loop is cut to length for fitting and sewing of protection.

Tapered him, it is possible the safe side, flower.

Protection and strap are bonded.

held in place by the clamps until the piercing and sewing.

The length from the second one is free, is plotted.

pierced too.

stitched by hand with the needle.

drying time observed, punch the hole.

Ready for sewing on a photocopy, which makes us see the good sense to close the original.


A view of the two straps, the work is completed.

are only five holes to place the exact location with the correct voltage to the third hole closed.

The client contacted
to indicate that his work is finished, we go up again for taking accurate measurements.

We punch the holes for the passage of the tongue. In all media, belts, clamps, straps, etc ... still five holes, the hole through the port or the optimum setting, and two holes before and after for other settings if necessary. For belts, good food, or weight loss. Sometimes in more rarely three holes.

The client decides knowingly, by three holes.

Despite the imperfections due to leather and its unique tanning, we hope to customer satisfaction.

Our main preoccupation.

Very friendly,
Tictac the needy


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