Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gas From Food Poisoning

not serious, bright, furious: The unfinished album Jirgl

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The Dicks they communicate we were accustomed to sound a bit dull, served by guitars not really oriented style, just relayed by the voice of zinc Ninka apostle, but he had to pass something my son as their new single, 'Grasse Kelly', produced this time by MasterK, hard POSITIVELY gills. In six minutes, and sixty-six seconds - Satan ... thank you - after a great panic of drums and a feedback loop, the Fender Fiend Danie Double traces its roots. And there is a storm. We think Wu-tang then you think at all, it is brewed, pitched, there's even a glockenspiel stashed in the riffs, it is to say. Grass Kelly, disguised tribute to Kelly Zay, the muse of Nantucketers Brighton opens parenthesis we hope everything except healing. How do they communicate like Big but not only. [Available through your local record store / Broadcast House Red KNL'art]


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