Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rash On Inner Thigh Female

Fernand Buron

Saturday, February 23, 2008. Wednesday, February 23, 2011. In three years he has spent a lot of things since a citizen was insulted by it being presented as President of the Republic. The president is still there, also insulted.

So far, the insulted has been quiet. Today he comes to light. Specifically to recall that the insult remains. This is again the Agricultural Show , insult will not go.

But he will not fail to come close to the Elysee remember this affront to those who might have forgotten. It will not be alone: everyone is invited to join at 11:45 Chasseigne-Goyon Place, at the intersection of Rue La Boetie and Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore (Metro St. Philippe du Roule) to Bet 8th. Even the police headquarters is in agreement.

Y will be presented on small book recalling the sentence which he was cleared, "Casse-toi pôv'con. Put forth in an honest peasant, is more than offensive. Would he have replied to these sublime Rostand

And we, the small, obscure, undocumented grade,
We who walked exhausted, wounded, dirty, sick,

no hope of duchies or endowments,
that we always walk and never will make up;

but it is not certain that the typical person in front of him it would have taken to their account the true substance, and the wise farmer kept quiet. The contrast is even more beautiful, and words bring the rebels to the unfortunate answer without getting lost in abstruse convolutions.

As the late Peter North In a malicious book, The Bigorne staged a mere corporal, transfigured at the mercy of vicissitudes of Corporal in France today Fernand Buron (is that really his name? Whatever) is as the humble representative who made millions in the silence and the daily grind of what the essence of this country and ideas that inhabit it. It belongs to all of the honor, and through him all those who give us pride of life, those of the past, those present, who will take over soon.

Fernand A Buron,
Republic grateful.

Like me, I invite you to accompany him, and to congratulate him.


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