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What Fruits Can You Masterbate With

Dark as the pit where my enemies

Mitch Cullin
From here, we do not know much, except that he has committed a novel adapted by Terry Gilliam, formerly published by Editions Naïve. Originally from Cherokee, wandering between California and Japan, he explained quite succinctly in his literary project: "Half the time I'm Not Even sour Why I make choices in writing, or How It Works When It works ". There. Capable of the most unlikely, since a cameo in the film adapted from his eponymous novel to a portrait of Sherlock Holmes senescent (A Slight Trick of the Mind ), friend of Mary Gaitskill, Mitch Cullin has fallen into the well of free verse with his character Sheriff's branches, which if recall clearly the Lou Ford Jim Thompson, is nonetheless a "soul" steeped in morality, in the real soggy, and hammered from the inside by a violence that seems the pain response to pain. Sheriff
integrity? Sheriff rather fragmented, bent, broken but determined to show only the rigid approach of the order of the VRP. Drawing its origins in a backwater whose family escaping the unbearable smell, it is both the executioner and the victim, the colt and the target. And that's where free verse - or should we say escaped - snatches of Cullin more than skin, looking in the bones, nerves, muscles, why and how this hatred ever expanding makes this sheriff is brutal, biblical, almost Baudelaire.
should say the strength of the roof, the evil wind, the appeal of the burrito, not the return of prodigal son anything but (a son-loving Nazi insignia ...), Mexicans flooded the bourge violated, the fag motherfucker, raven arrested, love dogs and the black hole, galactic horribly, what wells where everything converges in this novel in verse that swarm and emerge and erode, more triumphant than remorse. Writers like
Cullin, we want to say there are few. Some who dare. Astray. try. Go wandering in the dark. One hundred thirty pages carriage return as a slap hammer cocked before the shot and the fuse socket. Love, death, mud all is said, described confessed. Sheriff Industries is a nightmare as one man's literature the most défenestrée knows paint: hassle-free margins, the decline with a insulting enjoy bitter silky weave.
From this trip there, in Texas we would like imaginary banned, it appears both pure and impure, shameful in equal proportions. The naked man, man of Blake, Whitman, Melville man: he is there, stranded, tenacious, damn. He continues. What? Make a pit of paradise and hell an acre.
Leaving only the music of a last wish, Sirup by lips that wins gangrene probably inevitable:

But when I put it on your tongue
chocolate cheesecake, and I
when j'enfourne laps,
all thy sweets, they have always

the same flavor.
Your eyes are brown
toujous brown
your wide hips -
even kidney shot. Shake flour

your apron, wash your hands if

loosens your hair and let it float freely on your shoulders
stained her.
Bring me your burritos,
Bring me three
and later

dessert will be for me.

And when we would say amen, the book was closed, wound on wound. So let no one talk to me or Boillon Angot, the news is elsewhere.
Mitch Cullin, King County Sheriff f, ed. Uncultivated / fiction, ISBN: 978-2-916940-46-5
16.5 x 20 cm
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