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From maintains in general, the longevity of our shoes. Parents

The durability of our shoes depend on a number of parameters, Quality of leathers and hides , assembly process, uses, users, few Conditions / precautions to be observed, protection and for the most part, maintenance.
quality hides, and leather, different kinds of skins:
quality often depends on the down payment accepted at time of purchase, but it's not a certainty, that the price, n is not always better,
You have to look at a few points this time important.
equal quality that a skin dressing easier to maintain, lasts longer, since it is an element important for his longevity. So smooth leather, grained, calf leather, suede, boukbindés rectified, will react different, nubuck, reptiles, crocodiles, etc. ... vulnerable places in the area at the junction of bark, more or less resistant to attack. Especially for the latter, the tanning processes are very important.

Assembly methods:
fans are well aware that some edits prefer over others. Norwegian, Goodyear, black, pegged wooden rosary, welded, nailed, some over uneven other to wear, abuse, use, user, etc. ... Each buyer chooses the / assembly processes best suited to its various uses, comfort for faster or slower.

Depending on whether the shoes are evening out, car, bike, walk to the office, apartment, city, road, countryside, mountains, etc. ... the running time, wear, hence there will be different longevity. It may for example while driving moccasins put pins, flimsy, but so flexibility is a pleasure to drive.

The BMI, weight (75 / 130 kgs) walking (decided , drag, slide) and defects (diseases, disabilities) are important factors for a strain, perhaps even more than for wear. Some people spoil fine and light and wear out their shoes, sometimes more than overweight subjects.

Conditions / Precautions:
Everyone knows at least lovers of shoes, she should be at most a day three, (the wear by cons regularly ) put on the feet with a shoehorn, after use, put them under trees, untie them, and bows removed. In case of rain, dry as shoe on the side, not to newsprint:


deny this is obviously an aberration. If you take a pair of shoes, with the same quality product, you cream the two shoes, but do not polish and shine only one, you repeat the process, there will be less resistance to the unfinished. This shows the importance of glossing ( glove to shine ) because this one small difference is enough to decrease the resistance. Pay attention to the difference of polishes ( Patina, Icings ) and their disadvantages of creams ( food colorings, always a tone slightly darker a lighter tone ). Prevention in the interview ( waterproofing)
The same way with a cream to clear for one and one color to another, see a fading fast from that talks with colorless.
be easily understood that a suede, nubuck, etc. ... More difficult to maintain, with equal quality (not to mention aesthetics) will age faster.
These are concepts that need to remember or should know, they are valid for shoes, clothing, furniture, upholstery, luggage, leather goods etc. ... and for all their seams.
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