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troublemaker Kofler

It seems that in France the major German language writers are published by small publishers. Reinhard Jirgl by Quidam, Arno Schmidt by Tristram ... and Werner Kofler by Absalom . The latter is still unclear to us, despite the remarkable work done by Bernard Banoun smuggling. For now, we offer three editions Absalon titles Kofler: Fall, Freedom (one night) , Caf'Conc 'Treblinka and Behind my desk, the first of a trilogy entitled Triptych Alpine . The second Hotel Clair crime, is expected.
Kofler is not only heir, claimed by Thomas Bernhard and the shadow of Beckett's Molloy . It is also a machine to blow up the autobiography hints at a factory, a follower of verbosity, which seems to take the plunge for the Kafkaesque confusion in a new reality, even more layered, ever more treacherous. In Autumn freedom, the narrator looks at some pictures, and uses it as a mirror - a window? - Where to throw the drive, hop, you get walk-in sets, funny business, a hotel plagued by rumors of sex, a hostel run by a poor adulterous, we became acquainted with a strange detective who never reads the first sentence of the Long Goodbye by Chandler and entrusted with the mission even more strange deal with "the disappearance of litter and communicational Garbage language [...] the dissipation of smog and fumes conversational communicative. " And here the narrator struggling with "ragged language" and what is more obsessed with a vaguely ambiguous announcement: "Man seeks young handyman bircoleur craft" ... If
Werner Kofler is sometimes taxed, as recalled by his translator, complacency allusive , do not deduct not that his lyrics, full of names, remain obscure because they are animated by such energy, as they tressautent are so rabid for themselves that the reader is willing hostage, caught in a stampede as alarming as enjoyable. Disjointed, because not fooled seams of reality, the text Kofler permanently indignant that "lack of rabies. Hosted for Austria to a "condition" worthy of Bernhard and Jelinek, convinced that psychology and pathology are the two mainstays of the same monster, the self, the "I" who narrates, describes, and annoyed about is an I angry with this and as stiff in the past. So the sentence koflerienne wriggles, ruminating, boat, fiddling, she scratches where it should be itching at the same brains. In
Caf'Conc ' Treblinka, a piece written for the theater, two men talk, first one old and one young. The first name does not stop all the atrocities of the final solution, are the second to react, both aggressive and precise. And when talking about the second is to deny, deny, delay, "not knowing", "failed", "never knew", but in this very gesture of denial are listed again all the elements of the Nazi extermination ... A representation So private that quickly turns to something else, not a private dialogue representation, violence to the reader / viewer, caught literally between two fires, two fires. We have not finished to taste, with Kofler, and so much better. ____________

Werner Kofler, Fall, Freedom ; Caf'con 'Treblinka , Behind my office, all three editions Absalom and all three translated and introduced by Bernard Banoun - crossing A big thank you to Damien Besançon, bookseller of the cedilla, for drawing my attention to this author as well as the editor who publishes Nancy.


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