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Ants and Men

This is intended as a sequel to the article 'The Revolution? : Yes we CAN ! " February 25 (continued envisaged in my postscript). But I am unable to get barber, you barber (and beard issue, those who know me know what I mean!) With an article (it's everywhere!) On ancestors' , references speaking, Western Theories of Revolution ...

I confine myself here to repeat briefly on three streams of these thinkers: anarchism Marxism, his Trotskyist variant.

My title came to me of the famous film 'Men and Gods' in imagining that ants (and other critters) are taking us for gods. I mean beings imaginable ... except to devour their corpses. And religious institutions do not they like to live in the remains of their 'Founder' (God or the Prophet), after issuance of 'subliminal message' initial ? ...

This title came to me especially the bitter observation that a huge part of humanity is always reduced to an obscure 'life ant' that of 'bump and die' . Slightly improved version of our 'hump or idle, consume, be silent (' right ') or always causes (' left '), and die ...' : so that, in both versions, long live the fierce ' God Pognon '!

We all know a little - often with fascination - the humble life of these ants at work, joining in long caravans, round trip, the ant and prey carving, vegetable or animal ground or on tree trunks. Some of us (I was in my youth to be innocently curious fierce) have 'given a kick in the anthill' just for 'see' : staggering spectacle that feverish excitement, not 'stampede can' individual, I believe, but 'voluntary ambulance' saving babies (eggs for them) and stores ... It's a bit startling image that came to my thinking men, when they are collective victims (earthquakes, bombings, etc..). With more than empathy: a brotherly compassion. Because we all know, these tragedies hit especially hard the people they are poor, such as floods in Bangladesh, the last earthquake in Haiti, but also the Rwandan genocide and as wars or crushed revolts ... Brrr! 'God Almighty' is it a dirty kid typing in our peaceful and industrious ant?

Reineroro written at the end of his very fine article 24 of February entitled 'Libya' , this: "The change will be very deep as it relates to the mentality of Westerners often formatted to be suspicious of Arabs considered either as apprentices terrorists, either as future immigrants, the result of neo-colonialist propaganda, western and Zionist. "

Beyond this judicious remark concerning revolutionary upheavals in the Arab world today, we can, we must generalize: 'attitudes formatted' (not only among Westerners, at least we will understand the Japanese, South Koreans and many others, including among wealthy Chinese or Middle Eastern!) have ' change very deep' ... against enormous challenges of the near future, including those of mass migration (demographic, economic, climatic, political ...) ... impoverished populations and prolific throughout the world.

Just like many insects living in communities (ants, bees ...) which, if overpopulation, will also establish a new nest, a new swarm: survive!

And more over this other challenge, unheard of and unprecedented: the depletion of the Earth (helping looting of capitalism, the madness!) ... Anyway this' profound change of mentality ' now concerns the necessary ' decrease voluntary consumption ' if horribly disparate between the destitute ... and all of us - not just the great pirates of Capital to gone mad' to get rich rich '! And that's where we find the necessary Revolution Politics, Social ... theorized by our elders. The 'No State' theorized by anarchism (which Bakunin) is realized in fact, locally, at some temporary creations 'Liberated zones insurgency' , little more (sometimes, alas, as in Somalia, it turns into a nightmare through the wars between charges). but the 'sting' of anarchist thought is still very fertile, in a thousand forms of conquest of 'freedom' , that sums up, in my view, the form 'libertarian' current of this current thought, which I find myself. I am confused after training in founding the Marxist current, like a lot. Communist who quickly fled Stalinism of the PCF, was in a movement called ' Maoist '. Then, I knew too that Mao was worse than Stalin Dictator! ...

I had been trying for a while in the Latin Quarter, for Trotskyism, but noted that the concept of so fruitful 'Permanent Revolution' actually applies only to waste time bickering between talkative 'chapels' ... to flee. Too bad, because I recognize that many Trotskyists were or are staunch defenders of the communist ideal, fiercely opposed by the Stalinists - not by anarchists, at least in the concrete social struggles. Back then

on the essential social struggle. Who becomes revolutionary, schematically, when 'ant becomes a man' . When the sub-human slave (indeed or 'right' ) accesses the freedom, dignity! : It is with this lens that I welcome the dignity revolts or revolutions, the Arab world today. The site

Franco-Italian Bellaciao is provided, often excellent articles. February 21, Alain Badiou there published a long article entitled "Tunisia, Egypt: when an east wind sweeps arrogance Western ' Here are some excerpts. "So when the West idle and twilight, the" international community "of those who think themselves the masters of the world, will they continue to give lessons of good management and good conduct in the whole world? (...) In the situation of political misery that is ours for the past three decades, is not it obvious that it is we who have everything to learn from the popular uprising of the moment? (...) We must be the students of these movements, not their stupid teachers. Because they make life in the genius their inventions, few policy principles that have long sought to convince us that they are obsolete. And especially to the principle that Marat kept in mind: when it comes to freedom, equality, emancipation, we need to riots. It is right to rebel. As in politics, our states and those who invoke it (parties, unions and servile intellectuals) prefer the management, even revolt, they prefer to claim (...) "

I could continue these citations, I invite the reader to read this entire rich 'rant' .

course, if this kind of thinking is 'updated' by the events 'stars' in Arab countries, it is (and for a long long time) valid for other 'storm zones' (to use a figurative expression of Maoism, which is fond Alain Badiou).

In Latin America, among others. And potentially elsewhere where there are so many 'ants finally wanting to become men' ... like China. There, regime has only label 'communist' - the great dishonor of the Communist ideal, alive. So the Chinese dictatorship is trying to lock down information coming from the Arab revolt: this is not so much by fear of 'contagion' Muslim populations in China (but minority scattered over large areas of western China policy, where they are the majority) for fear that the message (M!) 'It is right to rebel'

... And it is true that when 'the Chinese ant' accede to human dignity, it will be a huge step towards the end of capitalism, which is killing us ... by killing the planet!

Remember: it was considered impossible by the end of the Soviet dictatorship. the 'ants' of Eastern Europe have proved otherwise. Rebellion symbolized by the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the same year when China massacred the student revolt Place Tien Anmen: sinister notes! And yet that heralds the future remains open, since all dictatorships, all authoritarian regime (seen Sarko?) Is a mastiff with feet of clay ...

Dignity and Liberty. Avanti Popolo!


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