Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How Does Andy Sixx Wrote

Valls-trap popular scam primary

The skeet shooting is the device used to throw hard clay to practice firing the gun, it is also called the Clay pigeon shooting . Even if I have the suspicion for the misuse of anglicism in our language, I consider that the Clay pigeon shooting is the name best suited to describe the favorite sport of our political class, which if not inventive, appears united in the practice of this discipline .

Everything question address . On the right, for example, after many efforts sports comes time for slagging . This cons-like fire in the fight against the fire. The whole thing is not to leave the body at rest, sitting, for example, is not a good thing for organizations. Highly recommended by specialists. and sport in Sarkozia we had: national identity, secularism, Islamism, security, the republican pact, have been the staple of a republic dismantles it and it ends up rumble in the aisles. The success reaching not the desired result is changed slightly - only slightly - the tune to see if that side is the result more convincing. No question, however, remove the machine, no, but reduce its scope to make the shot more effectively. In this

de ba t imposed by Lider Mínimo, Jean-Francois Cope , embarrassed the armholes, wants to cut corners. Is that many alarms in the house his mother. Patrick Devedjian Alain Juppe and other Rama Yade , many activists are expressing fear of "skid " and clear that" this debate anime especially activists of the National Front ". It is no longer a small naval battle but it is the invasion of Normandy. Alas, this is the only way that remains to Minimus to keep the hope of reelection, scraping the bottom of bowls. If

right odors settle in a sustainable manner, to the left you can not say that it smells like perfume rose deployed! By imagining that the PS has a strategy, we can say that it has no major upheaval in any field. Even if we know the race with shallots do not bother with manners as his principle is the absence of principles, we can say that the left that dream and to dance we go and look on other planets.

Do not count on Manuel Valls - nor any other - to fuser ideas. Not bother to shake the headache, it might give him pain, especially now that the Di-antalvic was withdrawn from the market. For him, his idea, since he's only - it simplifies - it is to push for the candidacy of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. DSK is in his eyes the candidate who "represents a minimum of hope" , when France was shaken by spasms of "major economic crisis" and the "temptation to vote Le Pen . To make things simple definitions within the family he moved to cancel the banquet of the primaries, because he considers the IMF Managing Director is the only one able to challenge Sarkozy. The message could not be clearer: all those who wish to open a debate would do well to consider "usefulness of their application" . Water rock, Manu! DSK has everything in the pipeline: the freezing of wages, 60 hours per week, the deletion of the thirteenth month those who still enjoy the moribund privatization of public service, the whole festive Sunday in the parishes hexagonal and the icing on the cake, building a museum in memory of socialism.

No need to pick his esgourdes to hear that the only thing that counts is the wins, no question of appeal to feelings or ideas, either. As stated by Francis Holland towards anyone who will listen: it does not negotiate, the primaries will be with him ... Work

our left uppercut is all we have left to prevent horse-trading to make us the digs still time.


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