Thursday, March 3, 2011

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The humanitarian emergency

The situation became dramatic in Libya. I do not mean the Ivorian disaster, it will be a particular aspect. Too much to denounce what has become a country that nobody cares or weir not many people.

For now, there is the question of Libya . English and American are starters like the old days of the interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan for military intervention, which would follow the request of the insurgents themselves. Are they capable? Yes. Will they be willing, American and British, to leave the country once Qaddafi expelled? No. Intervention as we see, quite disinterested, as usual in countries rich in mineral deposits. More moderate - or more divided - Europe can not agree and refuses to align with the desires Anglo-Saxon.

But before resorting to force - you never know how the Arab countries would take the thing - the West explores the legal way. The latter through the International Criminal Court by the voice of prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo announced opening an investigation for crimes against humanity, "against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's son and several senior officials Libyan " , seeking to make the untenable position of bloody clan.

At the other end of the planet, Hugo Chavez, who does not play the accordion, but seems to cope well with the violin, evokes the possibility to mediate in a "peace mission" to his buddy Muammar, whose deaths do not count. Impossible to quantify what may soon turn into a charnel house, before which we declare "If we had known ... " fact remains that the military solution - a disaster in his view - Chavez prefers to speak of" goodwill mission ". You never know, between two crises, the insane are sometimes able to get to the "reason" ... In this dramatic context, the Venezuelan president offers to help and indeed has found an original way to talks with Muammar. It is indeed through the social network Twitter the two men exchanged, as confirmed by the Minister of Communication of Chavez, Andres Izarra in the message here.

Meanwhile, by the thousands it tumbling at the border post of Ras Jedir , the Tunisian-Libyan border. Egyptian, Bangladeshi, African form an amazing procession of misery, fear and famine that Tunisia has to manage under extreme conditions. A humanitarian disaster in perspective that Tunisians, just emerging from turmoil as we know, are not able to bear alone, both the means and capacity are limited. Not being prepared to receive more than ten fifteen thousand people, the authorities, who are doing everything they can to feed the constant flow, fear that the situation escalates if international aid does not point soon after the his nose. Inextricable. But urgent.

anyone to move her ass in the right direction? ...


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