Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Think Female Doctor Likes Me

Besschops David, great master of the dirty work

Hole common as halfway between grave and trunk common, could be a choking hazard if not dealt with so learned a concealed breath. In forty-nine chapters of barely thirty lines, David Besschops attempts to revive - die? - A family, father, mother and their seven children ("seven boys, three girls from male, I am not fooled" ...). All speak, in turn, to say, links the everyday, especially the body. Liturgical into the sordid, rhythmic like a severed aorta and ligated Hole common evolves in a universe that could be called parallel to that of Peter Guyotat, but the treatment is of course different. The language is a joke according Besschops syntax, like human relationships, more biting than weakened. His sentence jolts yet never stumble, and one feels a kind of resilient grace under the most rough set. Hole common reads tense, motionless in a hurry to read, in the heart of a fascination which it is unclear if it crushes or releases. Sinking into the page like a nail, every sentence reiterates the strength of a project that can only be described as poetic, creating a theater of cruelty, where all the "I" are clowns, boastful, wounded. Breaking his sentence without warning so we do not deceive its apparent cast Besschops replaces the intense freedom of his speech to the abandonment programmed its prey. Listen to him rather:
"I am accused of Education of seven children. A human weakness. My only goal is to prevent them from soaking against teen of their mother. Women that I packed. No question of it allow gay impulsive without reacting. I occasionally go out of his depression and placed under pregnancy. Nine months of conscience acquired the assets of my libido. During which, I exhume large animals of reason. "

Master of dirty work, David Besschops, Belgian author born in Rocourt, is as himself "Son of a lesser evil to flush nails and a silent grief, he was sentenced in 1976 to parents forced to have cut the pear in half crosswise ... Then, not to drink the mother and father, slaps! None had to be done. Today, spun continuously by a satellite-spy phonics, he divides his between Mexico and the Black Time. Taciturn appropriate ... "Shortly talkative, but writer hands down rare - essential. ___________

David Besschops, Hole common , Argol editions, 112 pages, 19 € (book published in November 2010)


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