Thursday, March 3, 2011

November Ii World War Red Flower

Happy days

Oh, by the way, read (ok: traveled), in The Express this very good news
"From January to March 2011, will invest 510 pounds displays of French bookstores. Against more 700 outlets in September, down 30% compared to first novels in September 2010, the 2011 literary season promises to be very careful! "
Well, it's all very nice and reassuring, but if you read the books? and you even noticing that fewer books are much less conservative? Let a hundred ten pounds make ridiculous and ludicrous (not to say "fun and useless") four hundred others? Finally, when the Express gives us these numbers, I guess it has launched an armada of sharp criticism on the production of Quidam editions, Absalon Argol, Laurel, Tristram ... "very conservative": The last time I read the speech that was "bank secrecy in Switzerland is acting very cautiously - - Feb 28. 2011" is where we are.


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