Saturday, January 1, 2011

How To Buy A Goldwell Color Chart

this morning at a studio clock Hermes whose front flap which also serves as a foot rest, is completely off, torn (which is not important) but lacking almost entirely.
I asked the forum Chronomania enthusiasts and connoisseurs of watches where I learned that this accessory " clock" was fitted with an Angelus movement that Dunhill , had done the same as the of Foursome.

These four modules, with both ends, dials barometer, thermometer and , amid a dial for hours connected to the fourth for change and having Days, dates and months.

Find a leather merchant who needs the best, in color or at least the possibility of a patina, the quality, grain, texture, thickness, flexibility, etc. ...

After drawing to size (slightly indented) to cut with scissors.

Mark the direction of the set by a mark, even if the rectangle size seems perfect.

Why not use the modern, by the endless bench finishing, wonderful machine tool, the main base of the machine shop of the shoemaker bootmaker who really serves to everything. The cutler use these tools only endless bands (backstand)

by the sander.

support prepared.

tools for trimming.

must deal all round as perfectly as possible. It is understood that the easiest way is to cut a larger piece of the glue and then cut with scissors.
No difficulty with this method, yet this is not the answer for restoration as closely as possible. The great difficulty is cut slightly smaller to thin perfectly round, for sticking by pulling at the leather it takes the dimensions or in other cases the exact form:
finish with thin border.

We glued the two supports;

Without waiting for the drying time, a dozen minutes to over an hour, much more with reactivation.

are presented as perfectly parties.

To drag.

push them up to the ideal limit.

After this time the normal drying time, it insists with great kindness and love (Do not forget a hammer misapplied or too strong is irreversible).

that remains is the finish, aging, patina, with different products, qualities, in color, wetting action, sanding, etc. ... these little "secrets" revealed a craftsman with many deductions, this may take a long time, hours, working and waiting.

the finger

And to the eye.

The ultimate finishing glove to shine, wonderful accessory for everything, shoes, clothing, luggage, saddlery, leather goods, and dust in general, house, car etc ...

work far from perfect for me is still better than a flap without dressing. A perfect job could be done if we had the leather original.

very friendly,
Tictac the needy


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