Friday, January 14, 2011

Kates Playground With A Men

home .... Carémeau CHU de Nîmes.


Through this blog I do not usually advertise, or send messages, once is not customs.

The vicissitudes of life bring us all one day or another, some unfortunately when their youngest ages (We are unequal in many aspects of life) the obligation to go to places that even if they are saving, we would be avoided.

CHU of Nîmes (Gigantic) with its services, skills, tests, techniques of spikes (which unfortunately does not always found in the largest cities in France) forcing some families ahead for these special treatments, sometimes from afar.
His staff, not to mention his ability, but his kindness, listening, availability, correctness and politeness. You do not cross its vast corridors and services without the humblest to the highest in the hierarchy, you say a thousand times hello.

House Parents, "Home for families of hospitalized" enables the user to enter the evening, and ending up a little at home.
His modest "in contrast to his generosity" by his reception, kindness, listening, availability, tranquility and peace park. Its breakfasts, the possibility of making its meals, the convenience of its shuttle (free) its proximity to the foot, are the embodiment of the pastor jean louis Poujol without religious reminders in this haven of peace.
If sometimes the pastor reads his lines, the "parable" of my dear grandmother will recognize me.
You know I never do advertising, it is not one, just my thanks to him and his kind Martine messenger.
Very friendly,
Tictac the needy

Home Parents leap from 260 Road Hare. 30900 Nimes .
Tel: 04 66 28 10 00;


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