Friday, December 24, 2010

How to reduce and cut a zipper, detachable. The double

The other day we saw how to reduce a closure not separable from the bottom to the union, great place to ask for closures, those already in place or separable will decrease by up. The separable can not in any manner they, being changed by the above, the separation of accessories to my knowledge are not and have never been available supplies.

Today a zip change on a motorcycle jacket:

The accurate measurement does not exist in industry, or we are temporarily out of stock.

The Jacket.

closure, the original nylon is too thin and fragile for this jacket quality, heavy, always reserved for intensive use in the motorcycle. It will be advantageously replaced by a brass mesh to much bigger and strong. There is of course always be careful and use " maintains it "for a longer life:

We trace the money pen the exact location of the cut.

was removed to the cutter straight retainers.

retainers removed.

Cut to the cutter each mesh with great care not to cut the frame.

All stitches are removed.

It tightens the straps,

closure is ready to cut the frame.

must crimp the lugs enough so that at the closing they can go under the truck to perform their roles effectively, but they are not visible above, but not too much for their use is unnecessary and that the truck passes over it.

the frame is cut to scissors.

closure is almost ready for installation.

This requires last, burn the frame at its ends.
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