Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lafayette Colorado Cb

shoes too small, painful feet, cut the cord.


This morning at the workshop shoes too small, more precisely shoes that cause pain when walking.
Fashion is partly responsible, the latter for women's shoes, elongated shapes (which promotes a very rapid wear of the ends), cutting of the upper very pronounced until the birth of little toes , or discovering (Aesthetics, although it is a matter of taste, detrimental to the comfort, pro pain, and tears) to force
shape and wonderful products and dilatant conformers, I talk about it here: http://

Fail to come to the end, indeed a the aThis nylon support limit Rod, I talk about it here:

is present around the stem. Its presence in course useful, but in extreme cases, a single solution, the cut.
careful layout without expanding, if lacetti will not grow, leather He will tear.

The cut stem is very steep compared to old ways may be less aesthetic, but more comfortable.

It rips the lining of the rod with all cutting tools, "knife, seam quickly, cutter, knife, etc. ..." with great care to household access to the cord.

Both rambling shoes. For me the best place is on the inside.

is discarded with a small tool, lining and uppers.

is off the back of the rod to get the nylon reinforcement. It is sometimes very difficult to find and remove. (Without reference) must take great care to avoid damaging the shoes almost always new.

We leave "the lacetti "

were cut.

Both prepared boots.

It glues together the return of the stem, then this one and the lining.

We put these little clips for the wonderful preparation and maintenance work.

drying time required, are applied and hammered with kindness.

move to the sewing machine and voila. are only delivered to the client, we hope to his satisfaction, our primary concern.
Very friendly,
Tictac the needy.


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