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Magic Blue Flying Deck

. English in the so-called double-stitched Baraquette. These shoes

method of mounting Goodyear in Baraquette sewn, double leather This tail until only sole, sewn into small points at the same time as the sole wear.
Another example that shows that manufacturers are doing what they want, as they wish

Historically, sewn Baraquette " imposes " a double entire coast to heel.
Yet with these shoes, big brand, high quality manufacturing, more than thirty years, double the is present only until tail sole manufacturer skirting the ethics of production.

method of mounting Norwegian in Baraquette sewn, double complete end-to-heel rubber sewn into small points with the welt, the tread is welded only on double.

method of mounting goodyear sewn in Baraquette, double rubber sole sewn dots along the outsole, welt "Y "is reminiscent of a method of mounting Norwegian . Some shoes
" walking, sport, countryside " carry one or two double , (I do I never saw three) for me it is not an old name, we always talk about being a "double " us at the workshop.

When double tail is present up footing only, it is simple, I've never seen two.
lovers speak of double or triple sole, for me it is an appellation erroneous the term thickness is more appropriate, and may agree rigor. With the designation of soles, some users think that increases the resistance and we can use all these thicknesses that are only double that in no case be affected by wear. Their utility is aesthetic for those who love. They are reserved walking shoes, athletic, country, etc. ... for the "comfort " insulation , requirement of two double necessary with sidewalk or "staircase in prowess and fantasy.
It also takes the names of two of double sole , of interlayer English, mid sole, it must certainly have its translation into all languages.

It may be different materials, leather, rubber, some manufacturers in their production mediocre low-end, do not hesitate to put his or salpa sudaccés. Double rubber are almost always present when they are sewn into small dots, with the rand, the tread rubber sole complete Commando etc ... These kind of leather in the manufacture of leather. Yet "all" Camarguaise, the method of mounting beads, see their soles wear leather, welded only on doubles rubber dots sewn with beads.

For the pancake is a little different,
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as this matter requires that automatically "double " glued and sewn on the front thickness for receiving the crepe outsole, only welded itself to " hot " by scouring the bench finishing.

For the assembly process Sandal,
the amateur view of the boom can think a double then it's just the first mounting outside overflowing necessary to sew little point in manufacture.

It can be of different thickness according to the manufacturer's desires or those of the artisan according to customer's requests.
can not meet me for not double in less than 2 mm and above 6 mm thick, for me the most commonly encountered thicknesses are 2.5, 3, 3.5 mm.
these thicknesses are often thinner rubber (exactly interbeds and similar materials) 4 mm and more leather.

For location, it can be :
Present in the assembly process Goodyear, rosary, Norwegian , sandal, etc. ... end of shank sole, end of heel.

necessarily Presents:
sewn in Baraquette, over the entire surface from end to heel.

In Goodyear, goodglake , etc. ...
Until tail sole, thinner, in both cases, I do not know and see only those, set by all the means described below.
Whatever its means of fasteners, it is sandwiched between and welt outsole. Except goodblake or she is sewn to serve blake welt.
attention will double if arrested the bottom of sole at the sole assembly for repair, to descend further, the tread camber. Indeed the same location would cause termination of trouble fast walking, place of tension and pliement.
The description of the different method of attachment for the double are tedious and technical a little barbarous for the amateur, only a small minority are in search of what kinds of information, but they are required to professional. Indeed
during repairs, it is necessary for craftsman understand the processes of fixtures, the modes fasteners, for description, information, advice to clients and the cost of the operation. And for himself how to grasp the job.
I said before, surprises are always in the same direction " bad" for all professional craft.

Whichever mounting method:
Goodyear welt in Transition, Norwegian, rosary, goodblake, or double is present or required.
It can be mounted in different ways:
Glued and sewn: Between
welt and outsole, the three layers sewn small point.
glued and sewn :
With the welt, the tread, only welded to the double . Glued and sewn
: Between
welt and outsole, the five layers (with the first assembly and the stem) blake sewn. Glued and sewn
In Blake, the outsole only welded to the double . Glued and sewn
In Blake, the outsole sewn blake.
Glued and sewn : In
overflowing with blake and serving as welt sewing the little point in keeping the tread. In the assembly process is called rapid blake and me goodblake.
Glued and sewn :
small welt on the point and serve as a "welt " for sewing the second little point in keeping the tread in the so-called fantasy sidewalk or the stairs , I speak for the topic " the sidewalk or the stairs "
pegged wood :
I speak for the topic" alternative method of installation, wood pegged "outsole welded to the double or also pegged wood.
nailed :
On the insole with the outsole.
nailed :
On the insole, the outsole welded to the double .

I hope I have done a round rather complete, as I always forget that we want to forgive me.

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